Working with a baby #woah

Aug 16, 2018

I’m too old for this shit.

Those are the EXACT words running through my mind at least 677 times a day.

Sometimes they’re mumbled as I JUST manage to drop off my two eldest daughters to school on time … and as every mother at school pipes up with comments like,
“Oh I couldn’t start all over again with a baby at THIS AGE.”

(F*cking thanks, guys.)

Sometimes those words are moaned when my youngest, Sage, decides that 3am is the PERFCT time to start exercising her vocal chords.

And sometimes those words are screamed into my pillow as I wonder how the heck I’m going to make it through the day with my sanity intact.

Ah … #mumlife #mumwithaBIZlife

And then I hop on a webinar with my Designer Boss-Lady legends and they
say things like …

“How are you achieving so much?”
“How are you so calm and happy?”
“How do you look so fresh after just having a baby?”

… And my sanity (and self-confidence) is restored.

But the truth is that I’m NOT fresh. Not in any way, shape or kind.

I’m currently running on about four to five hours sleep every night and, like the rest of you boss mamas, am just trying to keep my sh*t together.

And, mega secret reveal time, I am certainly not doing it all! In fact, if you saw my laundry pile right now you’d think that 20 people lived here (and they’re all currently naked).

I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to ensure my work (if not my laundry) gets done though. Grab a coffee, settle in and prepare to take notes:


1. Ask for help. (and/or pay for it!)
Yes, yes, I know. You’re strong and capable and independent and don’t need nobody’s help. Power to you, lady boss. But … even if you don’t need help, wouldn’t it be nice to have it?
I am really fortunate to have my family nearby (500m down the road), and my mum and grandmother look after Sage two mornings a week for me. So on Monday and Tuesday mornings I get three-hours baby & kid-free and I go hard!

That being said, my family are travelling to Europe for months at the end of the year (so selfish) so I am currently on the hunt for a nanny to come to my house and look after Sage four to six hours per week and I will PAY for help because I need to work for my sanity yo’. I also have a cleaner that comes once a week because when my house is chaos, my head is chaos and no one likes mummy when she is cray. You have to get help.

2.  When you have time for work, don’t waste it on admin.
Your priority is paid client work. That’s the beginning and the end of it. Your time is limited, mama. Ain’t nobody got time to procrastinate over annoying admin tasks like emails and invoicing (‘cos you know that’s what you were gonna do). Save that for when bubba is napping or occupied. When you have ‘you’ time, smash out your client work.

3.  Can somebody hold my baby?
Swings, chairs, play mats oh my! Yep, don’t judge me, but I have a lot of baby-holding devices in my office! I have a play mat for the floor, an awesome ultra-modern swing, a bouncer & a Jumperoo. Thankfully Sage loves each of them and often when I need to get stuff done I just rotate her through each. I am also very lucky that she isn’t a baby that needs to be held all the time!

4. Know when to give up.
I am a bit of a control freak and if there is anything a baby can teach you, it is that you have no control! Some days I want/need to work, but it just can’t happen. Sage is already getting her first tooth (which is crazy) so there have been days where all she wants is her mumma and when those days happen it is best to surrender. Fighting a cranky baby will just make you more frustrated and upset. Write off the day; tomorrow will hopefully be better.

And when all else fails, turn to your community.
You are not alone. We are here for you.

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All the love
Anna x

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