Why you need to know what YOU want in business

Sep 19, 2017

If I had a penny for every time somebody told me what I ‘should’ be doing in my business I’d … well, do nothing, because wtf am I going to do with a penny in Australia. But I sure would have a sh*t load of pennies because if one thing is true these days it’s that opinions are like butts: everyone has one.
And unless you’re a beyond stubborn entrepreneur (high-five to my sisters from other misters), then it’s easy to let what everyone think you ‘should’ be doing dictate what you DO end up doing.
I know because when I started out, this was exactly what happened. I listened to my clients and let them decide who I was and what kind of work I did. For me this meant colouring between the lines and following the trends when what I REALLY am is a add-champagne-and-watch- me-bubble introvert/extrovert that loves hot pink, cookies, sneakers and MAKING trends.
But … my clients know best. Right?

Money talks. And when your clients are the ones giving you the cash you need to pay your bills, it can feel like you need to let them call the shots.
But here’s the thing … your clients can’t run your business for you.
They’re running their own business and, newsflash, it ain’t yours.

They’re also:
+ Not the ones that have to be in your biz every day.
+ Not the expert in your industry/field. YOU are.
+ Not living your life.
+ Not the ones with your unique set of experience, skills, talent and passions.
But I get it. When your clients tell you should do something … it’s natural to listen.

For years, I ran a business that felt wrong for me and right for my clients. The clients that, actually, when I sat down and thought about it, I didn’t really want to work with in the first place because they weren’t my peeps (i.e. my dream customers). 

This meant I ended up with a stationery business when I had no interest in building a stationery empire. This meant I worked in an industry that I had no interest in. This meant made decisions that weren’t aligned with the life, business and lifestyle I actually wanted. This meant, basically, I was trying to convince myself to love a life that somebody else wanted for me.
Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.
Thankfully, it didn’t take me too long to realise I was off track and today I run a business – and lead a life – that I’m tickled pink with.

Which is why you can’t let your clients decide how you should run your business and what type of person/entrepreneur you want to be. That, sweet thing, is up to YOU. Just like it’s up to you to decide:
+ What lights you up and gets you out of bed every morning.
+ To chase the things you LOVE doing.
+ What kind of lifestyle you want.
+ What kind of BUSINESS you want to build.
+ What kind of work you want to do.
+ How you want to spend your time every day.
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