What you should be doing when business is slow

Dec 5, 2017

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s …


Rolling through your office like some smart-ass mofo wanting to accentuate the whole ‘Wild West’, ‘ain’t seen nobody around these parts in years’, thing that’s in your biz right now.

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Which is long form for: There’s nothing happening.
Literally. Nothing.
Crickets. Silence. Empty inbox.

Lady, don’t panic.

We all go through tumbleweedy slow patches in our business. That’s just how it goes in this entrepreneurial game.

I have been in business in ten+ years and I have made peace with the fact there will be peaks & troughs.

Sure, I freak out, but it’s on a much more sane level.
But it still begs the question …

What should you be doing during those quiet times?

Work on your own business, yo!

Yep. Now that your clients aren’t nom nom’ing up your time, you have the freedom to play with your biz for once.

So here are six things you can have fun with during your slow times:

1.   Work on your own brand.
If you have website shame, well, there’s time to fix it! Have a look at your brand and ask yourself if it is aligned with who you are, who you want to work with and what you want to be known for.

If it isn’t, change it!

2.   Update your folio.
WOW new clients by showcasing the incredible work you’ve done in the past. Because you’re a creative mastermind, lady. Time to flaunt your assets!

3.   Batch social media & blog posts.
You know how not long ago you were stressed out juggling your client work with your social media and content marketing? Well, now’s the time to fix that! By creating and scheduling social media and blog posts in advance, you’re clearing space and making this waaaay easier for when those new clients roll in. Cos they will roll in.

4.   Work on your sales funnel.
How much time and effort do you invest in warming up your audience?
If your answer is a shady side-eye, then dooooo it. Because once you have your funnel in place you can let it tick over on its own.

If this makes you go blank-eyed red-faced emoji, then don’t stress.
Watch my webinar about sales funnels here.

5.   Get on top of bookkeeping & accounting.
Yep. YAWN. But it is essential for business. Jump into Xero and get your reconciling mood on.

6.   Think about how you can honour & serve your loyal clients.
Consider what they need from you. How can you make their life easier/smoother/better/happier/more awesome? If you’re not sure, ask them.
You can even create a loyalty program for those clients that are always there for you. Show appreciation, lady. It’s bad ass.

And bonus points if you set some goals for 2018!
Because there’s nothing quite like planning for an effing awesome 2018 to lift your spirits.

AAAAAND I’ve got you covered for that one too!
You can download my free intention and goal setting workbook here.

Because I appreciate YOU, gorgeous!

So, now it’s time to get BUSY.

Alll the love,
Anna x

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