I effed up … and I’m worried you might too

Nov 7, 2017

So you may or may not know that I run a very active Facebook group for graphic designer boss ladies just like you.

It’s pretty popular. And not like Regina George popular either …  it’s like, really, pretty popular. As in people love it in there.

I started the group at the beginning of 2017 and before long things kinda went crazy.

Today we have over 1,000 graphic designers in the group. And best of all, everyone is amazing. There have been no complaints of bitchiness or salesy grossness.

Just a group of awesome women who love what they do and are passionate about supporting each other no matter what.

Which is pretty damn cool.

But it has gotten rather noisy in there lately and to be honest with the craziness of my course launch, I have been a bit slack with taking the reigns and showing up with my usual Anna Dower mentor flair.

And so, last week someone posted in the group asking “HOW DO I FIND A MENTOR?”

 giphy (14)

ERRR I blinked in dismay and then double-checked my business card to make sure it still read ‘Anna Dower, mentor’ – it did, by the way – I scratched my head.  

I was shocked because I am a mentor, and she is a member of my group and well DUH … I should have been her first choice. So I cleared my throat and prepared to launch into a wordy spiel but before I could …

A bunch of my previous and current mentor students commented and yelled: “ANNA DOWER, SHE RUNS THIS GROUP! SHE IS AMAZING!”

(I told you the group was incredible, didn’t I?)

But the whole experience got me thinking about a mistake that I obviously made and a mistake you might be making in your business too:

I ASSUMED everyone knew who I was, what I did and how I did it.

But you know what they say about what happens when you assume (making an ass outta u & me)

And I obviously have not said it often enough in my group who I am and what I do … because, hello! 

So I effed up. I made the mistake of assuming.

Are you doing the same in your business?
Are you assuming that your audience just knows what kind of design services you offer? 
Are you assuming that they know what kind of experience you offer?
Are you assuming they know what kind of results you have gotten for your clients?

Do not assume.

You need to clearly communicate what you do and why you’re awesome, not once, not twice, but many, many times.

Don’t think of it as being salesy; think of it as being CLEAR. 

Because when you go to the trouble of running a free group of 1,000 + graphic designers you want them to know what you do! #facepalm

So, er, how do you make sure your audience knows what you do?

Good question!

Three things you can do today to communicate to your clients what you do to your clients

1. Introduce yourself (A LOT!) 

Yep. Seriously. Even if they’re on your website or your mailing list (or, heck, the Facebook group you created), it’s always good to introduce (and reintroduce) yourself and explain what you do and how you do it.

For example, I’m Anna Dower and I’m a graphic designer boss lady with 20 years of experience tucked into my birkenstocks. I’m also a graphic designer mentor that can help you build and grow your design biz (and sort your sh*t out).

Then schedule that post to appear every week at a different time so you’re reaching different segments of your audience.

2. Have a ‘how to work with me’ spiel

So now your audience knows who you are it’s time to show them how you can help them.

On my website (and now, on social media) I have an area devoted to ‘what I can help you with’. On my website it’s three things: 1:1 mentoring, my FB sisterhood and with free resources.

Nail down exactly what you do and why your customers need it and then sing that sh*t from the rooftop. It should be so engrained that when you say “Hi, I’m (insert your beautiful name here)” you are tempted to automatically run your ‘what I do’ script on replay … even if you’re just meeting the mailwoman.

3. Post testimonials

You should have a post-project testimonial system in place to ensure that you’re full-to-the-brim with happy words from happy customers. (You’ve totes got this, right?)

Now … use it. Post testimonials showing off the results you’ve gotten for your clients and post them all the time.

Do these things and I guarantee your audience won’t be counting sheep to fall asleep; they’ll be dreaming about how amazing it’s going to be when they work with you.

Now, I’m off to follow my own advice!
Anna x


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