Three truth bombs about making money from ecourses

Sep 11, 2019

It’s the week after my latest launch of Design Biz Bootcamp (if it were a TV series, we’d be in season seven now!) and I’m officially doona-deep in celebratory Bed Week.

Ah, Bed Week. 

Not only is it my post-launch celebration and ritual, it’s also my pathway to refuelling after being mentally, physically and emotionally drained after the intense ecourse period. 

And if you think I’m kidding, I’m not. Bed Week is a thing. 
In fact, my latest Insta story was from bed. 

Sure, I might not spend the entire week in bed. I do have a family – and a business – to take care of after all. But after seven launches, I’ve learned that this quiet time is vital for me to come back swinging and ready to do it all over again far sooner than I’d have believed. 

(How. Fast. Is. Time. Flying!?)

‘Cause launching is HARD, guys. It takes a lot out of me. And you know what? 
I totally launch the easy way. The Anna-Smart way!


·      Use the same sales emails and sequences each time. 

·      Tweak my current sales page (instead of rewriting it every time). 

·      NEVER create any new content. 


So … why is it so bloody exhausting? ?

Launch time always involves juggling multiple moving pieces. There are the emails, the Facebook ads, the affiliates, the Facebook Lives, the Instagram Stories, the promo images, the countdown timers … 

Then there’s the other thing. 

You know.

How putting yourself out there and telling the world you created something that you believe in and then waiting to see if people buy it, kinda messes with your head, body & emotions?

(If you haven’t launched yet, this is your official emotional disclaimer.)

Yep. There’s that. 

It’s a lot of pressure and even though I’m cool as a confident cucumber, I am still human. An over-achieving, sensitive, creative human.

So yeah, it’s a lot. 

And as I snuggle deeper into my doona, I feel like it’s important to share what it’s REALLY like to make money from courses. 

The good. The bad. And the flat-out ugly. 


In the last two weeks I made over $40k AUD from my Design Biz Bootcamp ecourse. This accounts for nearly a quarter of my yearly income. And I’m not gonna lie: This is the absolute best part of making money from ecourses. There’s a nice lump sum of cash in a short amount of time and you can SEE the results. For me, this means I can take it easy on the work front from now until the next launch. No more 1:1 design clients for me. Just launches and lunches and mentoring and gardening and cake.


When most people decide to create an ecourse, they can get caught up creating the content. Creating THE perfect ecourse. But the reality is that you should be more focused on list-building and figuring out how you’re going to sell it. There is no use creating a kick arse course if you have no one on your email list, or in your Facebook group, or listening to your podcast, to sell it to! So think about your marketing – how are you going to show people they need to learn from you? How will you get them to trust you? This pre-launch marketing is a hard slog and a marathon, but it’s what sells your ecourse, so it has to be done. 


Even though this is the seventh round of Bootcamp, I’m still haunted by a host of tech issues. We receive daily emails about lost passwords, lost emails, lost payments, lost minds haha. This stuff is not glamorous, and it takes time and patience. Oh, and it’s not just other people’s tech issues! There are inevitable tech issues with memberships and modules and links oh my! You need nerves of steel to get through this shit.

But … you CAN get through it. 

And I’m betting that even the gritty bad and the frustrating ugly of making money with ecourses is worth it, not only for the cashola, but also for the transformations you get to make in other people’s lives because that is pretty frikken amazing too ?

All the love
Anna xo 

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