Three email scripts to keep distracted clients on track!

Mar 17, 2017

Ready to destroy your deadlines … in a good way? Want some smooth scripts to keep up your sleeve to ensure your client communication is always ace? I’ve got you, lady.

Treat yourself to three tried-and-tested email scripts I use to keep my clients – and deadlines! – happy.



Script #1: The Feedback Fueller

When to use it: Have you ever had a client think that because you didn’t nail the design on the first proof that there is NO HOPE to rectify the situation? Set expectations from the outset with this ever-so-simple script.

 The script:

Hello lovely,

I hope you are well?

Good news: We have been busy working on your logo concepts and are ready to present your proof! There are four concepts attached for you to choose from.

Now, there are two possible responses that you might have to these concepts:

1.You squeal and love it. Yay. We’re heading in the right direction. Just let me know if there are any tweaks you’d like to make and I’ll get to work on a revised proof for you.

2. It doesn’t feel quite right. In that case, don’t panic, it’s totally fine. It’s not the end of the world. From here, open and clear communication will help us correct the course! #neverfear  Just send me back your thoughts and we will brainstorm next steps.

And remember: I’m open to all your feedback.

Thanks and chat soon. x

P.S. Just a reminder, as per your welcome pack, your feedback is due back to me on (insert date)



 Script #2: The Deadline Dominator

When to use it: Hearing radio silence and cricket chirps from your client? This script will politely but firmly remind your wayward client about next steps and what is required from them as per project timeline.

 The script:

Hey lovely,

I hope the week has been kind to you so far?

This reminder is to confirm that as per our project schedule your (insert action) is due by (insert date). Keeping to these dates will ensure we stay on track for a final delivery date of (insert date).

Are you excited to see this through to fruition? Me too! I can’t wait to (insert outcome). So let’s do this!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Thanks and chat soon. x



Script #3: The Invoice Inspirer

When to use it: Shake off the awkward feels of ‘Please, ma’am, can I have some more?’ invoicing with this short but sweet final invoice email script.

 The script:

Hey lovely,

Woo – what a journey! I have had so much fun working with you on (insert project details).
So, where to from here?

I’ve attached your final invoice for you to pay by (insert date).

As soon as payment has been made, the final artwork files will be released into your happy hands.
Easy like Sunday morning, lady.

Thanks and chat soon, X



Stuck for words? Want more easy-to-use scripts? See below to download two of my BONUS ready-for-success email scripts! For free, yo, cos that’s how I roll.


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