The real reason you’re not getting new clients

Apr 4, 2022

Spoiler alert: It isn’t because your website sucks
(but, y’know, if it does, you should definitely do something about that).

And if you’ve wrung out every ounce of your blood, sweat and tears to create a beautiful brand and website but you’re still left wondering why tf you aren’t neck-deep in potential client requests, it’s because the brand and website duo isn’t the be all to end all.

Building an awesome brand and website is step one for converting new clients. It’s not the ONLY step. And stopping after step one is like throwing on a ball gown and praying Prince Charming will just find you (when you’re nomm’ing your dinner and watching MAFS on your sofa).

Bitch, he ain’t looking ???? And even if he were? He doesn’t know where you are. And even if he did know where you are? He probably doesn’t care.

He’s got a million other humans screaming at him to slip a glass shoe on their foot. “It’s freshly washed, I swear!” “I moisturise every day!” “My foot is very flexible!” They’re telling him.

Just like I see some designers shoving each other aside to yell into the air, “I’m the best, you should hire me!”

Then they get crushed when no one hires them.

And, lady, they might be the best. But let’s get something clear:

Your brand and design business is about YOU. It’s about what you want to specialise
in, who you want to work with, what you want to create, and what your brand looks
and feels like.  It’s yours, and you can do whatever the eff you want with it.

But when it comes to getting new clients? It’s about THEM.
It’s about their problems and your solutions.

So if you don’t have any clients, stop and ask yourself: “Have I been talking about
myself and screaming “pick me” Or have I been talking about THEM and trying to

‘Cause I’m sure you’re a super interesting person. And I know people want to hear
what you have to say. But if you’re only talking about yourself, who’s gonna pay your
bills if no one is listening?

I believe somewhere along the way we’ve all gotten confused with what marketing is
and isn’t.

❌ Chucking your prices on Instagram? That isn’t marketing.
❌ Talking about your website? That isn’t marketing.
❌ Talking about how people should hire you? That isn’t marketing.

Marketing is, essentially, SERVICE.
And in case you need a refresher …

an act of helpful activity to do someone a service.

When your marketing is all about you, you’re not serving your audience.
So how can you serve your audience?

Well, everything I do in my business is to serve up solutions to my audience (you ????)…

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So, I want you to start thinking about how you can serve your audience in a way that
will get their attention and help you connect with them. Because connection is the start of your client’s journey with you.

Here are some guidelines to get you started.

The Ten Commandments of Service

1. Know who your ideal audience is (be specific & niche!)
2. Use language that speaks directly to your ideal audience
3. Find out what their problems are (not broad vague problems, get specific)
4. Start empathising with their problems
5. Offer solutions to their problems
6. Give them free and useful content and resources to solve their problems
7. Provide those solutions in many different ways (blog, social media, podcast)
8. Tell them stories about your experiences but make it a lesson for them
9. Be consistent in your connection
10. Make sure it’s always about THEM

Follow these commandments and I have no doubt you’ll give your voice a break from
shouting and find an easier way to convert your dream clients.

Keep servin’ up the good stuff,
Anna x

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