The Magic Pill

Mar 28, 2017

I’m not going to lie to you: I believe in magic.

Sure, some of it is real-world magic (how can anyone NOT look at a dandelion and think it’s magical?!).

But I also believe in rainbow-unicorn style magic, especially now I have two magic-obsessed daughters of my own.

Which is why, at the beginning of my career, I would often wish for a magic pill that would instantly digest into design business success.

Sadly when the magic pill – and an influx of big design jobs – failed to materialise, my motivation and confidence went MIA too.

Suddenly the wear and tear of everyday life sent me into a funk. Emails made me ‘meh’ and I preferred Netflix and swill (the coffee, the wine) to the idea of ticking items off my to-do list.

And of course, because I wasn’t being active in my business, things became even more quiet. Which made me, of course, feel like doing even less.

Then I discovered the real-world magic fix.

But it wasn’t a pill I swallowed or an elixir I brewed … it was simply growing so sick of my sloth-like behaviour that I decided to get my sh*t together.

I wiggled out of my snuggie, put on some pants (hey, this is a judgment-free space), headed to my computer and started getting active in my business again. I replied to emails, created a kick-ass to-do list and actually enjoyed ticking items off it.

And you know what happened? As soon as I started showing up in my business again, work started showing up for me.

Within two days, I’d made a month’s worth of sales. All because I refused to give up and instead … showed up. For myself and my business.

It wasn’t a magical pill … but it felt pretty damn magical.

Because even though it took every ounce of determination I had to shake off the bad juju and go to work even when the spark was gone, as soon as I did, good sh*t started happening.

Ready for allll the good sh*t?

But not exactly sure how you can SHOW UP in your business today?

No problem!

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Where I’ll walk you through five easy ways you can show up in your biz today.

It’s that easy.
Anna xx

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