The Founding Member initiative begins on Monday 4th MARCH 2024

build a design business that not only fills your heart but also fattens your wallet…

All without having to go it alone & selling your soul to the highest bidding client!

Hey Designer

does this sound familiar?

You’ve got your sights set on hitting those big numbers, right? Aiming for that $2k, $5k, even $10k mark for a single design project. But here’s the kicker – every time it’s go-time, your finger just… freezes. And before you know it, you’re slashing your prices, telling yourself it’s the only way to hear that sweet “yes” from a client.

Because let’s face it, the thought of work running dry? Utterly terrifying. So you end up saying yes to anyone who comes knocking, red flags and all.

And your marketing strategy? Oh, let’s not even go there. It’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks. Cross your fingers, make a wish, and pray for the best.

But here’s a little wake-up call about making your dream design business a reality:

You’re the one in charge. Yep, it’s about time you grabbed that power with both hands.

Ditch the “just another freelancer” vibe. You’re the captain now, steering your business and your life in the direction YOU choose.


Ever been at a family event, and that one relative who’s clueless about your hustle goes, “You’re so lucky you get to work from home!”? You nearly laugh out loud because if only they knew it wasn’t luck that landed you here.

But you bite your tongue because:

Honestly, who wants to sit through a solopreneur’s rant? And, deep down, they’re probably green with envy at how you make working from the couch look like a breeze.

We know the real deal, though, right? This work-from-home life isn’t all about lounging in PJs and sneaking in an episode (or five) of your latest Netflix obsession. Nah, it’s more like running a one-person show against a backdrop of endless challenges.

We’re talking:

The loneliness.
The scarcity of folks who get the grind.
That sneaky self-doubt.
Our inner overachiever who never clocks out.
The hunt for the next paycheck.
The high-wire act of managing finances.
The constant comparison with the Joneses.
The flood of “must-try” courses and webinars.
The circus of balancing work, life, and everything in between.
The worry you’re not cool or current enough.
The hustle to be seen in a crowded market.
Keeping up with the tech and trend merry-go-round.
The headache of figuring out taxes and income.
The maze of growing your biz.
The fight against those money mindset gremlins.

Yeah, it’s a whole thing.

But here is the kicker…

we really are the lucky ones, because we get to call the shots from our own space.

we have the power to decide who we work with, how many hours we work, and our income!

So, we soldier on, keeping the gripes to ourselves, because gratitude is the name of the game, right?

But hold up, there’s a silver lining.

The biggest game-changer for me? Realizing the sheer force of women backing women.

When we band together, it’s like magic – our strength, smarts, and resolve just explode.

I’ve seen women prop each other up with such fierce loyalty, and folks, that’s the real cure for the “lucky” hang-up.

By joining forces, we can flip the script and genuinely live that charmed life – sharing wisdom, growing together, and making room for more.

That’s how we win at this game.


the lucky ones
An exclusive mentor-led experience and secret sisterhood for designers who are ready to leave uncertainty behind and transform their design business into a magnetic powerhouse of success, profitability, and fulfilment.

You don’t need a four-leaf clover to make your design business lucky af.
You need support, guidance, educational resources, and sheer determination.

WHAT’s included

There are 3 key components of The Lucky Ones Club, let’s break it down for you.



the kick off

Everyone is at different stages in their design business and no one has the same path to success.

Our objective is to ensure your journey to success is straightforward. Upon signing up, you will complete a brief quiz to assess your current level. Subsequently, you will receive a success path tailored to your current level, serving as your guide and suggesting where to begin in the Growth Vault of content.

  • LEVEL 1

Still rockin’ those freelancer vibes, no niche, charging hourly and maybe a tad overworked.

  • LEVEL 2

Got a niche, ready to charge more and work smarter, needs a little mindset tune-up.

Level 1 success path
  1. The Foundations – Establish the core of your design identity and business.
  2. Client Processes & Communication – Learn to streamline operations and communicate effectively.
  3. Pricing & Selling Your Offerings – Transition from hourly rates to value-based pricing.
  4. Basic SEO Masterclass, Email Marketing Masterclass – Boost your online presence and client engagement.
  5. Digital Organisation and Productivity Masterclass – Enhance your efficiency and manage workloads better.
Level 2 success path
  1. Hooking Clients with your Killer Brand – Refine your branding to attract your ideal clients.
  2. Creative Confidence & Money Mojo – Build confidence and manage finances more effectively.
  3. The Creative Process – Innovate and elevate your design process.
  4. Content that converts Masterclass, Facebook & Instagram ad strategy – Leverage content and ads to grow your business.
  5. How to Attract Your Dream Clients on Instagram, Using content to creatively connect & attract your dream clients – Expand your client base through strategic social media use.
  6. The art of marketing with connection & Service: Learn how to become a magnet for your ideal clients without feeling sleazy.



Joining The Lucky Ones means unlocking a treasure trove of all the educational content I’ve ever created, including the big, game-changing courses! Prepare to elevate your skills to new heights with our incredible e-courses, masterclasses, and focus bundles.

Wave goodbye to the hassle of endless searching for answers online—everything you need is right here, neatly packaged in one amazing spot.

In need of some marketing wisdom? Check out our marketing resources. Eager to boost your Adobe abilities? Dive into the tech skills vault. On the hunt for a chic welcome kit template? Easy peasy, just pick it up from the toolbox! Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered with a smile.

Systems & Processes - Client Engagement
  • Why You Should Care About Streamlining Your Client Onboarding Process
  • Bring On The Boundaries
  • Covering Yourself
  • Streamlined Success – Client onboarding & offboarding
  • Pump up Your Proofing
  • Digital Organisation and Productivity Masterclass
  • Warming Up New Clients
Living the Lucky Life - Mindset & Confidence
  • Ditching Difficult Clients
  • Dealing With Criticism
  • Becoming A Confident Creative
  • Money Management For Creatives
  • Goal setting principles
  • hat is a good goal with Sarah Jensen
  • Mindset with Khamara Thomson-Baker
Visioning & Positioning
  • Your Why
  • Honing in on your Authentic Voice
  •  Hooking Clients with your Killer Brand
  • Your Brand. Your Style. Your Success
  • Folio refresh 
Offer Suite & Sales
  • Packaging Your Offerings
  • Pricing Yourself as a Pro
  • Selling Without Sleeze
  • Sales Funnel Masterclass
  • Selling, it’s a marathon
  • The Sales Page
  • Day Rates 101
  • Pricing Formula
  • Offering brand audits 
Marketing & Lead Generation
  • Free Content & List Building
  • Capture Leads
  • Funnel Tools
  • Launch Sequence
  • Email Marketing Masterclass
  • Facebook & Instagram ad strategy
  • How to Hook Dream Design Clients & Become Booked out
  • Linkedln Lead Generation Strategies
  • SEO for Designers
  • Content that converts Masterclass
  • Using content to creatively connect &attract your dream clients
  • How to Attract Your Dream Clients on Instagram
  • Selling on Etsy
  • How a podcast can help your business
  • Making Money with Affiliate
  • How FB Group can grow your biz
  • A Quick Guide to Finding and Connecting with Clients
  • Learn META Business Suite 
  • Social media content that converts masterclass
DONE-FOR-YOU Resources
  • A vault of lead magnets to make your own & list build
  • Creative process checklist
  • Your ideal client avatar
  • Proofing email scripts
  • Feedback fuelling email scripts
  • Price list template
  • Welcome Kit template
  • Terms & Conditions template
  • Offboarding template
  • Price list email sequence
  • Final payment due email script
  • Explain your work cheatsheet
  • Website wireframe for designers
  • Request a testimonial email script
  • Sales funnel email scripts
  • Folio checklist
  • Client process flowchart
  • Designer offerings cheatsheet
  • Visual inspiration worksheet
  • Stylescape template for proofing






Running a business can be challenging, especially when you’re going it alone. But here’s the scoop: Your fellow business buddies are your rock, the women you rely on during the tough times and celebrate with during the good ones! It’s like being part of a fabulous designer gang made up of down-to-earth, genuine, incredibly inspiring, and genuinely kind people. You’ll never feel like you’re on your own because there’s always a helping hand waiting to assist you, no problem!


Why settle for just one mentor when you can tap into the knowledge of six amazing mentors? That’s right, you’ll have the privilege of accessing not just one, but a whole squad of mentors, each with their unique superpowers ready to be shared with you. All those burning questions you’ve got? Well, they’re just a quick message away from being answered.


Every month, one of our fantastic mentors will hand you a tangible, hands-on action step to propel your business towards your goals. Get ready to absorb battle-tested tactics for boosting your profits, attracting your ideal customers, assembling your dream team, and crafting a more rewarding and impactful life.


Dive into mentor-led workshops tailored to your masterclass content, complete with breakout groups. Imagine this month’s masterclass is all about brand strategy; in these workshops, we’ll divide everyone into teams and have them brainstorm a strategy for a fictitious project. These sessions are all about putting the lessons from your masterclass into practical use, with mentors on hand to provide expert guidance. It’s time to turn your newfound knowledge into action!


Got burning questions about your business? Bring ’em on! During these group coaching sessions, you’ll have a chance to have a chat with me and receive the solutions you’re looking for. Brave designers can also snag their 15 minutes in the spotlight to address key business issues, mindset hurdles, process puzzles, or financial concerns—and receive valuable feedback from Anna.


With daily coaching and the chance to ask questions on Slack, you’ll always have a mentor ready to respond promptly.

PLUS these bonuses!

Work smarter & not harder.
(usually $1299 AUD)

Create an ecourse to complement your design biz.
(usually $1299 AUD)

COURSE – Nail your marketing with sales funnels.
(usually $1299 AUD)

Exclusive invitations
& discounts to in-person events
The opportunity to book co-working rooms and work with peers

partners (optional)

…and on Wednesday’s we wear pink!

yOur circle of mentors

Imagine being enveloped in a connected circular mastermind of unwavering mentors,
each holding you up as you navigate your journey through personal growth and business.

We are committed to offering continuous support, expert mentorship,
and a wealth of valuable resources.

Our ultimate objective is to equip designers with the confidence, expertise, and a profound sense of belonging required to work more efficiently, attain a harmonious work-life equilibrium, and cultivate a profound love for their craft.

The set list

meet your mentors

Want front row seats?

let’s break down the value
Access to our exclusive club of lucky ones
Unlock the growth content vaults
All the growth tools a designer could dream of including short courses, templates, email scripts, masterclasses and more.
A dream team of mentors
Featured mentor monthly masterclasses (pre-recorded, with juicy insights) Mentor led live workshops related to the masterclass with breakout groups.
12 x Live group mentoring sessions with Anna
Coaching between calls on Slack
A swag of bonuses

total value = over $26,900+


You’re invited to join the waitlist for The Lucky Ones. Space for founding members is limited, and those on the waitlist will receive priority notification as soon as a spot opens up.


Hey there, I’m Anna,

The brains and heart behind “The Lucky Ones.”

With over two decades of graphic design experience and more than a decade as an entrepreneur, I’ve been called a “seasoned mentor” once or twice – which, you know, is just a fancy way of saying I’ve got some wisdom from my years! 😉

My life’s mission is to empower women, helping them recognise their inner strength and create businesses that they’re truly passionate about, enabling them to live their dream lives.

Growing up, I was raised by a single mum who transformed our garage into a ceramic studio. Our house was always buzzing with women creating, laughing, and lifting each other up.

As I ventured into adulthood, I found myself in a similar situation, hunkered down at my computer in my own garage as a single mum, trying to build something from scratch. It wasn’t a walk in the park, but I’m so grateful I persevered and made it happen.

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of women, and I know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, especially when you have other incredible women standing by your side.

The Lucky Ones” is more than just a program; it’s a sisterhood, a mastermind, a growth hub – all you need to bring your unique magic to life.

what makes this the lucky ones the best choice for designers?

How often have you enrolled in an expensive, seemingly impressive course, only to discover it doesn’t live up to the hype? Or joined an online community, only to feel totally lost, even worse, ignored?

The reality is, there’s no secret formula that can ensure your design business success! The sole path to success in your business lies in having support, accountability, education, mentorship, a community of hype women & YOU.

The Lucky Ones pledge is that together, we will work smarter not harder.
We will put life first. Work less and make more. We will find support in each other and keep up to date with the ever-changing world of design. This isn’t merely a course or a membership; it’s a movement and a sisterhood.

Still undecided?

This is for you if….

🖤 You’re a female graphic or web designer (she/her) who runs her own gig from the comfort of home. (Why only women? Read in FAQs)

🖤 You’ve given the whole “success” formula thing a shot, solo or with a bunch of e-courses, but you’re still feeling lost and wondering how to kick your business up a notch.

🖤 You’re craving some serious connection with fellow creatives! We’re talking about hanging with women who totally get it, and who completely understand the challenges of solo design biz life.

🖤 You’re primed and ready to put in the effort, show up, and be open to some coaching. “The Lucky Ones” has a posse of mentors just waiting to steer you towards less grind and more green. You’ve just gotta be game!

You don’t have to go it alone in business. I’ve witnessed the incredible strength of women when they come together as a community. Learn from women who have been where you are. Together, we possess all the knowledge, intelligence, and compassion needed to achieve success.


“After working with Anna for just 3 weeks my revenue jumped by 50%!”

– Brandy Ferguson

“While working with Anna I doubled my prices & landed a dream client straight away”

– Samantha Murdoch

“Anna CHANGED.MY.BUSINESS. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say she SAVED my business.”

– Amy Parker

“Prior to working with Anna I was a very timid designer. I now have boundaries and am charging 10 x times more than I used to and have a 3 month waitlist”

– Gemma Storey


You’re invited to join the waitlist for The Lucky Ones. Space for founding members is limited, and those on the waitlist will receive priority notification as soon as a spot opens up.

🌟 when does it start?

Because you are our founding members you will get a discounted price for the lifetime of your membership. The Lucky Ones will officially kick off on 1st April 2024. 

What does "founding member" mean?

Join me today as a founding member and your price will be $199 AUD per month. AND… you’ll be locked into that founding member price for as long as you remain a member.

So even when we do roll this out to the general public at the higher price ($239 AUD), your price will always be the founding member price.

How will i know where to start (content wise)?

Excellent question! Our objective is to ensure your journey to success is straightforward. Upon signing up, you will complete a brief quiz to assess your current level. Subsequently, you will receive a personalized success path tailored to your current level, serving as your guide and suggesting where to begin.

is this just for people who identify as women?

The percentage of women surpassing the $1 million mark in online business significantly lags behind that of men. To address this disparity, I launched The Lucky Ones with the aim of contributing to closing that gap. My goal is to see more women achieving substantial success, on par with their male counterparts. The Lucky Ones is a membership for people who identify as women. 

Is the membership fee justified?

 Indeed, I wholeheartedly believe it is worth it. Nonetheless, the final decision rests with you. When you join the membership, you not only receive access to a blueprint that has the potential to increase your profits by tens of thousands of dollars but also become part of a supportive community and have a circle of mentors who are genuinely invested in your success.

All prices are quotes in AUD.

How long is the commitment?

The initial term for participating in The Lucky Ones is set at 12 months, acknowledging that success and growth are processes that unfold over time. Following the completion of the first year, you will have the flexibility to cancel at any time.

How much time will I need each week?
I encourage you to block out 1-2 hours per week to work ON your business.  I want you to get RESULTS.
When will the live workshops & group calls be?
The calls will be scheduled at different times, and you will receive ample advance notice. Additionally, recordings of these calls are uploaded to the membership site, allowing you to view them at your convenience on any device
Do the payments renew automatically?
Yes, both the monthly and annual membership plans will automatically renew at the start of each new billing cycle. Please note that all membership options come with a 12-month commitment.
any refunds?
Nope, never.