wanna work less? but make more?

work smarter & not harder in your design biz

So you decided to start your own design business

….only to discover it’s not as easy as it seems! You feel like you spend your whole life working & you’re still not bringing home the big bucks (or many bucks at all)

…you’re so busy with client work that you never actually have time to work on your own business

…your clients are unclear & indecisive & micromanagers and you feel glued to your computer & have no time to enjoy your life.

Well I am here to help!

5 ways to work smarter in your biz
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Stop letting your clients dictate what you do. Take the power back and create the design business you want.

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Get clear on your worth as a designer and only work with
clients you actually like.

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Don’t just wish for clients, come up with a plan to warm up and nuture potential new clients so you have a constant flow.

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