Spend Less Time in your Inbox

Nov 15, 2018

You’re pretty sure that when you decided to do this biz thing, you signed up to be a graphic designer. Yet, somehow, you’re also the creative talent, the receptionist, the bookkeeper, the client manager, the email bitch and the errand runner as well.

And the truth is that you feel like you spend more of your day in your inbox than you do
actually designing.

Sad face ?

So how are you meant to juggle it all in one day and keep on top of things?
Good question.

I remember in the early days of my business, I would focus on all the wrong things. I’d get
caught up doing the small stuff that kept me from focusing on my zone of genius – which of
course was designing.

So if you’re spending WAY too much time responding to emails or invoicing clients or doing
the million of other things that suck up your time, then you’re in the right place, lady.

Today I’m going to share my pro tips for being more productive.

I’ve even pulled together a template schedule that you can print and use,
AND I’ve included my example below ⬇️

No excuses now, lady. You’re going to be productive af.
Let’s do this.


1. Don’t let the inbox hold you hostage. Dedicate a short period of time each morning to do a quick peruse of your inbox. This is just to see if there is anything urgent you need to address or any new info for current design jobs.  

2. Figure out what time of day you are most creative and block that time out to work
on paid client design work (see my day timetable below). This seems like a no brainer right? Well it took me 5+ years to figure out I was wasting my mornings replying to emails when that was when I was most creative. Duh. Emails can wait, creativity is fleeting.

3. Set an autoresponder on your emails, yes all the time. This will let your clients know that you are not at their beck & call and that you have infact received their email. This is great for setting boundaries and allowing yourself some more time to eventually reply. Here is an awesome autoresponder template:

“Hi there

You are getting this response means that your email has hit my inbox –
thanks so much for contacting me!

I’m currently working hard on creative projects but will get back to
you within 2 business days.
In the meantime, this might help you:
  • If you’re emailing to find out how much I charge
    you can download my price list here.
  • If you’re interested in working together I’ll get
    back to you as soon as I get a chance.
  • If you’re keen on learning loads of essential branding stuff,
    you can read my blog here.
  • If you’re responding to an email that I sent you, chances are I’m keeping an eye out for your reply. You’ll hear from me soon.

Talk soon!”

4. Block out a slot of time after your “creative time” for replying to emails. This can wait until the snoozy afternoon shift. Also block out a couple hours a week for invoicing and admin so you can batch that shit out.

5. Make yourself a lunchbox when you do the kids’, then when it is lunchtime you will
be loving yourself sick! It seriously is the little things that make life easier.

Wanna see how my day goes down?
Here it is, a
day in the life of Anna Dower…

Ready to create your dream designer day?

All the love,
Anna xo

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