Should I put my prices on my website?

Jan 23, 2017

On the one hand, you want to be completely transparent with your tribe … but on the other hand, will throwing dollar signs around online leave you exposed? Which is why, up ’til now, you’ve played it safe and continued doing things the hard way. And by hard way, I mean the long and exhausting way by manually quoting the enquiries that come your way.

You’re wasting time – and watching valuable dollar signs float out the door – not to mention feeling
less-than-awesome about the aforementioned quotes so you’re discounting like nobody’s business just to get work through the door.

Playing in the big leagues, with the big bucks – where you charge what you’re worth! – is little more than a pipe dream for you right now. Heck, you can’t even stand by the prices you’re emailing to your clients!

Cue frustration, anxiety and entrepreneurial angst.

So what’s a designer boss-lady to do if they want to step into their creative confidence, make more money and grow their subscriber list … without putting in more hours or discounting like a madwoman?

EASY. You create an automated PDF price list.
Not a big deal, right? Actually, it is.

You see, a killer price list is actually more like an awesome automated sales kit that highlights your selling points AND allows you to add people to your subscriber list! You save time, you sell your talents (without being sleazy) and you make money (you know your email list is a money maker, right?).

Lets talk about why and how.


Why this Price List will convert.

Well, just like a sales page is a sales tool for a product or service, this price list aka SALES KIT is a selling tool for your business. It’s proof of your professional puddin’ and a brilliant tool to display all of that client praise and testimonials you’ve been collecting.

Not only does it position you as THE go-to woman for awesome design, but it also enables you to build a relationship – and trust – with your tribe and potential clients. Plus, you will come across as super confident and ultra profesh. You’re a next level biz now with automated systems in place … you don’t have time for manual quoting, yo!


Email list building as well?! 

YES! Make your potential new clients hand over their email addresses in order to download your gorgeous new price list. You will eliminate the tyre-kickers – because only the serious will want to hand over their email address – and save muchos time as a result.

You’ll also have their email address to include them in a future sequence (that’s a whole other thing you can learn about in my design biz bootcamp course, coming soon) BUT in short, you will have them captive and a captive audience is the best! You can educate them, create a relationship with them and eventually SELL TO THEM.

This is how it will work…. 


So what should I include in this magical price list brochure?

Okay, so when I say price list you might be imagining an A4 sheet with a list of services and prices. If so, NOPE.

 I am talking about a fancy price list. In fact, it’s better to think about it as a SALES KIT that will woo your clients into throwing cash at you. Which means this price list will need to be a beautifully designed multi-page PDF brochure that includes all of your selling points and of course speaks directly to your ideal clients.

Being a creative lady, I get the feeling that you might need to see an example in order to fully understand what I am talking about, and that is why I have created a FREE price list template for graphic designers right here. I have outlined what you need to include and where, you just need to fill in the gaps.


 Automation you say?  

Yep, automation is a magic robot. Once someone joins your email list (by requesting your awesome new price list) an automation sequence can start and your sales and marketing/on-boarding experience will begin.

Need help setting up the automation sequence? 

You ask – I deliver! I have created a free video tutorial for setting up an automation sequence in Mailchimp also. This is included in the Sales Kit template which you can get here….

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