Should I be discounting my work during this time?

Apr 20, 2020

Since the dawn of design biz time, lady bosses have been asking me,⁣
“Anna, when the going gets tough, should I get the tough discounts going?”⁣

And I say … “Bleughwtfughpoduawytdw.”⁣

Which, alright, isn’t so much a statement as it is a stressed splutter of frustration.⁣

Because, discounts. My second least favourite ‘d’ word.⁣
(… The first word is ‘dieting’.)⁣

And just to be clear, my answer, once I’ve finished choking on my cake, is: NO.⁣

You shouldn’t discount.⁣

I get why you’re considering it, though.⁣
The world has gone mad and none of us really know we’re meant to be doing.⁣

But, still, discounting is a hard “nope” from me.⁣

Because even with the chaos, lemme ask you a few questions:⁣

Do you still have to pay bills & feed your family?⁣
Did your design skills suddenly go MIA overnight?⁣
Do you want to work for less money (and end up resenting your clients)?⁣

Yeah, exactly.⁣

So, first up, do not assume you know what your clients are thinking or feeling right now.⁣
Don’t give me that look ? I know you’re making ass-over-tits-umptions.⁣

You’re over there thinking stuff like:⁣

People don’t want to spend money right now.⁣
People value what I do.⁣

And, lady, these assumptions are LIIIIIES.⁣

⁣Here’s why.⁣

People don’t want to spend money right now.⁣
I have seen multiple posts around the place from people who are using this time to take their business to the next level. See below.⁣

People value what I do.⁣
If anything, people will value you even more now! As designer boss-ladies, we have been living this iso-life for years. All our biz is online & we have all the skills they now want & need. Be there to guide people – they need your knowledge and assurance.⁣

⁣And yep I get it, you feel like discounting is doing a “nice thing” for people during this time. But there are other ways you can show people you care.⁣

Yep, yep, don’t stress. I have those ready for you too.⁣


Do your clients a solid by over-delivering during this time. Throw in a bonus 1:1 strategy session to help them pivot during this time or include something that every business needs right now like a social media image about how they are adapting due to COVID.⁣

You don’t have to sell your soul in order to let people know you care. Also, when you are doing someone a favour, let them know you are! Once again do not assume they know this is an extra added bonus just because you care – tell them. ⁣

Script: I know this time is crazy as heck and I want to help you. Which is why with every package sold this month I will be adding in a <<<insert bonus offer>> valued at <<$???>> so that together we ensure your business grows & makes dollars! We are in this together.⁣

Yep, create a mini ecourse or even an online workshop to teach your peeps how to do it themselves. So many people are using this time to upskill, and this is also the perfect time for you to create a digital product! Teach what you know. Document what you do.⁣

Take this time to get that ecourse idea out of your head and out into the world. It has become extremely obvious that online learning is the way of the future, so do it.⁣

Examples: How to create consistent branded social media images in Canva / How to move your in-person event into the digital sphere.⁣

It’s not time to panic, but it IS time to adapt. If you were offering packages starting from $10k pre-COVID, you might need to chunk them down into smaller packages.⁣

But, let me yell this a little: This is not discounting!!⁣
This is simply breaking down your packages into smaller options.⁣

So instead of offering them EVERYTHING, maybe put together a package with three things. It is all about evolving and adapting to what our clients need right now.⁣

Also don’t be afraid to create packages specifically to help your clients through this period.⁣

Example: Get your website online in five days / Grab your COVID social media strategy package⁣

And remember, this too shall pass. Everything is temporary, including this crisis.⁣
So please, please, PLEASE, do not devalue you or your business.⁣

Be a solution, the paid solution, for so many people who you need you right now.⁣

All the love,⁣
Anna xo⁣

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