Why you should become an entrepreneurial shapeshifter

Sep 10, 2020

 Alright, I’ll admit it: I believe in magic.⁣

Yep, I’m a grown-ass woman that believes in magic.⁣
Not sorry.⁣

But I don’t believe in the kind of magic that’ll gain me admission to Hogwarts,⁣
or even score me a starring role in a Vegas show.⁣

I believe in the kind of mortal magic that ignites a transformational fire ?⁣
in your life and turns your dreams into a reality.⁣

Which means, specifically, I believe in the magic of being a shapeshifter.⁣

noun: shapeshifter(chiefly in science fiction or mythology) a person or being⁣
with the ability to change their physical form at will.⁣

And while I wouldn’t mind becoming a unicorn for a day (hair goals), or even a Hemsworth (c’mon which woman hasn’t dreamt about being a dude for a day), the truth is that IRL my shapeshifting skills are used to support my success.⁣

The magic of shapeshifting your success ?⁣

Growing up, my mum told me I could be anything I wanted to be.⁣
⁣”You can reinvent yourself as often as you need to, Anna.” She’d tell me.⁣

And I took her seriously.⁣

In my career, I’ve been:⁣

A wedding stationary designer.⁣
A branding designer.⁣
A magazine boss.⁣
A retreat host.⁣
A podcast host.⁣
A mentor.⁣
An ecourse entrepreneur.⁣
A summit host.⁣

And so much more …⁣

But, looking back, my biggest turning point was becoming an ecourse entrepreneur.⁣

I’d shapeshifted from wedding stationery designer to brand designer and mentor, and I was working some LONG ass hours. My life was racing by in a fierce whoosh of deadlines and demands. So much so that a year flashed by in the span of – what felt like – a few days.⁣

Burnt out and anxious AF, I cupped my head in my hands and said to myself,⁣
“I wanna work LESS.”⁣

(Kind of a universal desire, right?)⁣

And, I’ll be honest: I was seriously lusting over the idea of making⁣
huge lumps of cash in one hit.⁣

So. I decided to reinvent myself once again.⁣

Cue: shapeshifter mode ⚡⁣

Now, bear in mind, at the time I didn’t know a whole lot about being an ecourse.⁣
I’d scrolled the internets a little, liked what I saw, and thought “eff it, I can do this.”⁣

But there were a few things I DID know.⁣
A few things that made me realise I was ready to become an ecourse boss….⁣

I felt like a higher purpose to help women succeed⁣
Alright, bear with the cheesy corniness, but this is a legit feel for me. I am a born cheerleader, and empowering women to confidently make their own money has always been important to me. In fact, it’s become my sole motivation. Maybe it’s because I grew up with a powerful single mum? Or maybe it’s because I’ve been through a hellish divorce that stripped my confidence and identity? Or maybe it’s because I have three beautiful daughters? But in any case, this is my PURPOSE. As a designer, I’d already helped thousands of women build incredible brands, but I wanted more.⁣

I like huge lumps of cash ?  and periods of downtime ?⁣
I started my business because I craved flexibility and freedom. With my full family life,⁣
I was ready to take it even further. And, with the promise of making big lumps of cash and then chilling for a couple of months, the ecourse life sound liked it was going to give me just that.⁣

Spoiler alert: It delivered on its promise.⁣

I wanted change⁣
I’m a Gemini. Eternal transformation and sporadic shapeshifting are part of the deal. But the boredom is real. Creating concepts, proofing, making changes and then hitting it all on repeat … it was getting to me. I wanted to create something different and work on my own business. Building content that I could create once and profit from over and over again excited me.⁣

And that was how I knew I was ready to shapeshift into an ecourse entrepreneur.⁣

Sound familiar?⁣

Do you feel like you have a divine purpose to educate and empower others…⁣
while elevating your profit and potential?⁣

It’s time to activate your inner shapeshifter, lady.⁣

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