Introducing my bite-sized Sales Funnel Starter Kit!

Created by a graphic design boss lady for graphic design boss ladies,
this potent package contains everything you need to create and set up your sales funnel.

From coming up with a unique and original read magnet and lead magnet – that will capture your target market’s attention – through to delivering a slick, automated funnel that makes you look profesh af, the Sales Funnel Starter Kit is all of your sales-longing dreams come true.


Here’s what you’ll get:

+ The Sales Funnels for Graphic Designers eGuide, which will take you through my simple formula for funnel success!

+ My tried-and-tested sales funnel email guides (just personalise and hit ‘send’!)

+ The sales funnel planning workbook, perfect for organising your thoughts and creating an easy-to-follow strategy.

+ The read magnet and lead magnet ideas cheat sheet (ideal for those creatively-clogged days).

+ A video tutorial that guides you through setting up your automated funnel in Mailchimp.

And voila – the sales funnel system that WORKS.


 Your Investment is …

So, I bet you’re wondering: What’s this going to set me back?
After all if it helped take my business to six-figures, surely I’m going to charge, what, five figures for it? Minimum?

Yeah, nah.

I’m all about helping my design sisters-from-other-misters out. So my secret stash isn’t staying secret any longer! AND I’m making it more affordable than two tickets to see Wonder Woman at the cinemas (also, plot twist: as a result of this bundle you’ll probably transform into an entrepreneurial wonder woman, so there’s that.)



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