Pricing & Packaging Ecourse


This 4 part video series builds on what I’ve learned in my 20 years as a graphic designer and business owner and includes everything you need to know – and do – in order to seriously elevate your business success.⁣

Here’s what’s inside the pricing & packaging video course

Lesson One

Understand your client, and their key problems, more intimately

Lesson Two

Design services and packages that address – and fix! – your clients problems

Lesson Three

Package your offering in a way that communicates value and expertise

Lesson Four

Price yourself as a pro ⁣

This humble but hefty change in my pricing and packaging resulted in my business bulging from $0 per month to $20k per month.

It completely transformed my journey and helped me grow my design business to raging success.

Now … it’s your turn.⁣

If you’re thinking to yourself “hell yes!” then you can grab it here right now for less than 80 bucks …⁣

or you can wing it and see what happens. Your call.

Since working with Anna I have doubled my income and even tripled it last month by actually working less
The Pricing and Packaging e-course is EXCELLENT!!! Thank you!
THANK YOU For this wake up call I so desperately needed. For anyone who needs help pricing themselves, GET ON IT!!!!!!!