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Launch & Sell Your eCourse Easily

Without a Huge Audience or Sleazy Selling Tactics.

In this empowering and comprehensive masterclass, you’ll learn the secrets to launching and selling your eCourse like a true boss, without relying on a massive audience
or resorting to sleazy sales tactics.

Designer to Course Boss

Whether you’re a seasoned designer entrepreneur or a first-time course creator, LaunchBoss will equip you with the tools, strategies, and mindset needed to masterfully launch and sell your eCourse to your ideal audience. Join me for this transformative journey and unlock the key to building a sustainable and impactful online business that reflects your values and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

what you get

Expert Insights:



Gain access to my extensive expertise and transparent sharing of proven strategies and personal launch plans. Learn from a seasoned professional who has been through the process and achieved remarkable results.

Launch Blueprint

& Workbook:

Receive a comprehensive launch blueprint and accompanying workbook, meticulously crafted to guide you through each step of the launch journey. These valuable resources will keep you on track and ensure you implement your strategies effectively.

Live Q&A Session:



Engage in a live question and answer session with me, where you can seek personalised advice and clarification on any aspect of the launch process. Get real-time feedback and make informed decisions for your eCourse success.

$600 Worth of Bonuses:



As a special bonus, you will gain access to a curated selection of valuable resources and tools, collectively worth $600. These bonuses are designed to complement your launch journey and give you a competitive edge in the market.

i’m anna!
ANNA DOWER is a graphic designer, entrepreneur and in-demand creative mentor that harnesses her 20 years of industry experience to enlighten, empower and elevate the businesses of graphic designers on a mission to make their mark
(and have a sh*t load of fun doing it).

Anna hustles hard but she’s also about balance. She believes in profit AND pleasure and is proud to work just four days a week (on Fridays she wears pink and does whatever the flip she wants).