Jan 5, 2017

“This idea is crap – what the hell was I thinking? Who on earth would want to pay me to do that?”
“This will never work – I don’t have the experience/skills/ money/contacts/guts to make it happen.”
“I’ve never been good at business-y things.”
“I should just quit now and save myself the hassle.”
“There are already so many people so far ahead of me – why even bother?”

FEAR! #youevilbeast

Fear is like an annoying younger sibling: it’s always there to mock you when you are at your rockiest and most vulnerable.
We always have two choices when dealing with that younger annoying sibling:
1/ We can bite back and start a full-blown battle of the wills (a tactic that never actually gets us anywhere but that does use up an awful lot of time and energy), or…
2/ We can ignore them, keep our eyes on our own game, and knuckle down to work.
Can you guess which is my preferred option?!
Now, I am not saying ignore fear altogether (if someone is following you down a dark alley, by all means – run!) but what I am saying is this: we all have that annoying sibling, so don’t think that you’re weird or abnormal or a failure.
Just deal with it accordingly: feel the fear, acknowledge it and carry on. The other really important thing to remember is this: fear never goes away. #kickfearintheballs. (Again, like siblings – they’re both with you for life!)
I have been in business for nearly 10 years now and I still feel fear when I am working on something new. But these days, I deal with it differently than I did at the beginning:
I get the familiar flood of fear in my body… and then I keep on going.
I take it as a beacon that something pretty great is up ahead.
I also believe strongly that if I’m not feeling any type of fear,
it’s a sign that I am not playing big enough!
So, feel the fear, kick it in the balls, and keep going.
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