Good idea….or time-sucker?

Mar 12, 2018

How to tell the difference and what to do when you’re an ideas machine

Are you an ideas woman? The type of lady that keeps a notebook next to her bed just in case The Next Brilliant Idea hits her mid-slumber?

We are the saaaaaame.

But maybe, just maybe, my fellow ideas (mad) woman, you’re afflicted with the same illness I am too:
Too many bloody ideas.

The truth about all those awesome ideas

Just last night in the shower, I was dreaming up a designer boss-lady conference (yes, I think about you guys in the shower, don’t make a big deal about it) that would take me on a national tour of the country.

Cool huh?

Except … I am seven months pregnant with my third child and am already juggling all of the things.
Ain’t nobody got time for a national tour.

In the past, I wouldn’t have let this stop me though. I’d have immediately leapt into action to make whatever amazing, big and unrealistic (okay, and slightly unnecessary) idea happen.

But these days I try to reign myself in because I’ve had to live with ideas that …

  • Were but didn’t get me any closer to where I wanted to be in my business.
  • Didn’t interest my ideal client.
  • Weren’t helpful or valuable to and for my ideal client.
  • Had zero return on investment.
  • Failed to improve my brand.

Because the truth is that when you act on ALL the ides, you get tired, burnt-out and half-arse a bunch of stuff.
And my motto is if you’re going to do something, do it with your WHOLE arse.

So now when I have a big brilliant idea now, I ask myself the following questions:

  • Is this idea actually bringing me closer to where I want to be in business?
  • Does my ideal client actually need this?
  • Will my ideal client be interested in this?
  • Am I in a position to invest xx hours and xx resources in this idea without it impacting everything else?
  • Will there be a significant return on investment?

Then, I do something super strategic and top secret (not really) …
I sleep on it.

If necessary, I even let it simmer for a couple of weeks so my ‘shiny new thing’ obsession can wear off.
Then, if I’m still compelled to do it, I do it.

So next time that big, shiny new idea hits you, lady, take a moment to remember the mantra:

I am a boss lady. I am clever and creative … but strategic AF too.
(Oh. And always do it with your full arse.)

Anna x

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