“I don’t do surprises.” I said. The universe laughed.

Nov 15, 2017

So I have been keeping a secret from you guys.

And if you know me you will know how hard it is for me to actually keep a secret! But this was an especially hard secret to keep because it was a surprise.

I don’t do surprises. 

When I made this statement a few months ago … well.

Cue the universe doubling over in hysterics.

“You don’t do –“ It laugh-cried before slapping the ground in amusement.
 Finally, when it had regained control, it smirked at me.
“Hold up,” the universe told me. “Cos this is gonna be fun.”

And the ultimate fricken surprise sashayed in.

giphy (17)

Picture this…..

My family (consisting of my two beautiful daughters and one hunky hubby) and I were on holidays in the big US of A. We’d just visited Disneyland (amazing) and then I started throwing up.

And throwing up.

And throwing up a little more for good measure.

You’re smart so you totally know what this means.

I …Ate too much fairy floss! Just kidding.

I was/am totally pregnant.


I mean, not Virgin Mary surprise, but still.

I never thought I would be one of those ladies who had a SURPRISE pregnancy because:

  • I needed fertility help to conceive my two previous children.
  • My husband was told the medication was on would make him 98% sterile.
  • AND I’m a control freak.


BUT the universe doesn’t care about plans or control or percentages!
The universe had a bigger plan for my little family.

“But this wasn’t meant to happen.” I said.

I’ll be honest, this wasn’t the first time in my life I’ve said this.

If we rewind six years, I was in a world of unfair when I was five months pregnant with my daughter Stella and I found out my then husband was having an affair.

I remember sobbing to my mum and saying “this wasn’t meant to happen. This isn’t what my life is meant to be!” 

But it was. It was all meant to be.

I gave birth to my second child on my own and I was a single mum with a toddler and a newborn and I kept my business alive.

Actually, f*ck that, I made it thrive.

And now as my business is once again shifting direction from design to full-time mentoring, the universe has thrown another curve ball my way.

But this time I know this is what my life is meant to be.
The universe is giving me just what I need and for that I am grateful!

Because the universe always knows best, yo.

So my question to you is this:

What is the curveball that you’re resisting right now?
What message is the universe trying to give you?
And how can you turn that curvy lemon into some lemonade?

Because the truth is that business – and life – won’t always go the way we expect.

Or want.

But learning to roll with the punches and see the magic in the curveballs (guys! I’m PREGNANT!) is how we can actually have fun on this entrepreneurial adventure of ours.



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