How to get your marketing butt into gear

Oct 4, 2018

“I know I need to market my business, Anna. But honestly?
I can’t be f*cked. Have you seen my to-do list?  And –”
I’m gonna go ahead and stop you right there, lady.

Marketing your business sucks. I get it. And unless your favourite hobby is coming up with cool af social strategies and digital marketing campaigns, you’re probably feeling a little out of your depth with the whole DIY marketing thing for your graphic design biz. 

I understand. I also know how hard it is to keep track of all those bloody accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest …)

But, time for some tough love:

Your CBF attitude is holding your business down. 

You are effectively sitting your fine butt atop your business, squashing it into the floor, and then complaining that nobody can find it.  

But here’s the deal: When you neglect your marketing, you’re neglecting to give your audience an opportunity to get to find, know and adore you. 

Did you know that it takes people an average of 79 days to research and explore your business before they actually decide to buy from you? YES SEVENTY-NINE. 

So, what exactly are you doing to direct people to your website? Hoping, praying, manifesting? Hmm … how’s that working out for you?

If you want consistent clients, you need to be warming them up all the time. And warming them up means ditching your CBF marketing attitude and getting to work. 

Don’t worry – you won’t be doing this alone. 

Today I’m going to help you get your shit together, so you are consistently blogging, posting on social media and directing people to your website. Hold on tight lady, you’re now officially in the fast lane. 


STEP ONE. Pick one day a month to batch social media

Treat this day like it’s a date with Ryan Gosling. ie. It’s. Not. F*cking. Negotiable. 
And yep, I’m serious: Just one day per month is all you need to schedule your social media. I choose the first Friday of each month to do mine. 

So what kind of content should you be creating?
Well these are the content categories that I use for my business:

  • Happy quotes
  • Freebie
  • Intro post 
  • Blog post 
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Brag

The good news? If you can come up with two posts for each category, you are set for a month. 

The even better news? Your posts do not have to be wordy; they just need to sound like you and be accompanied by a pretty (cohesively branded) image. 

It may take you a bit longer the first time you batch these babies because you are going to create your social media template from scratch. After that, it should be way easier. 

Here is an example of my social media template, I just change out the image (which always has pink in it for consistency) and the text. Easy.


So start thinking about your six content categories and begin listing a bunch of ideas. 
You can then create a content Pinterest board and populate it throughout the month so it’s easy when batch day hits! Once you’re done with the inspo, pop it all into a planner. 

Don’t worry – I did that part for you too.
>> Download your free content planner here <<

Finally, once have created your twelve posts and images for the month, 
schedule them using a scheduling app.

I use Smarter Queue. 
It posts to Instagram and Facebook, which is enough social media for moi.  

“Hey Anna, how often should I post?”
Good question. 

Ideally, if you could post a couple of times a day at different times, that would be great. As the months go by, your content library will grow and grow, so you can recycle content all the time!

Don’t worry about spamming people with posts either. Your audience only sees a small % of your posts, so the chances of them doubling up on your content is slim.

STEP TWO: Pick one day a month to write your blog posts 

Don’t groan; blog posts are a MUST if you wanna warm up your peeps and show them how clever you are. 

So once again, pick a day each month to batch out two to four blog posts for the month. 
I recommend blogging weekly or fortnightly wherever possible.

But, er, what the flip are you meant to talk about? 

Easy. Each time a client or a potential client mentions a problem they have, write it down.

You can even ask your peeps what issues they are facing in their biz, and once you have a list of problems, you can write a blog post providing a solution!

I even made a problem – solution worksheet for you here (‘cause I don’t wanna hear any more CBF excuses mmmkay?) 

>> Download the Problem + Solution = Blog Post worksheet here <<


And as inspo pops up during the month for content, save them, screenshot them and add them to your worksheets so that your job is easier on batch days.

When blog batch day arrives, write your heart out. Offer up your knowledge in the form of solutions for your ideal clients and showcase your brilliance.

I always encourage you to provide freebies with blog posts, like cheat sheets, e-books etc. in order to get people signing up to your email list but if that is too daunting for now, leave it for future you to deal with. 

Then once you’re done writing … schedule it in!

And, whaddya know: Just two days a month to get your marketing butt into gear.

Investing 48hrs a month to get your business seen and direct people to your website isn’t an immense amount of time, but it is SO SO SO WORTH IT.

As the Goddess of Victory (and a shoe company) says: Just do it. 

All the love,
Anna xo 


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