How to come up with a successful eCourse idea to complement your design biz

Nov 28, 2019

Last week I revealed how I was a crappy eCourse creator when I first started out. 
Ain’t no shame in the game. I really did suck at eCourse creation.
And there were quite a few of you that read my story with interest (particularly the bit when I began bringing in the big bucks) and thought to yourself,
“Hey, I can do that! An eCourse would be an AWESOME way to diversify my income, make mo’ money and become a kick-ass biz boss lady.”

So you pulled out your notebook, wrote, “My awesome eCourse” up the top and then…



Promptly emailed me, because well, hell, what ARE you meant to do next? 

Simple: Start with a (really good, super viable) eCourse idea. 

Pfft. Easy, right? You come up with great ideas all the time. 

But … how can you tell if your great idea is viable as a successful eCourse?

I gotchu lady.

I believe that most entrepreneurs – including designer boss-ladies – have more than enough knowledge and talent locked away in their head to create an eCourse to complement their service-based business. 

But that’s the thing: It’s locked away. 

So let’s go ahead and unlock it!

This is how you come up with an eCourse idea that will not only position you as an expert in your field, but actually help people … and actually sell!


✅ Know your niché

Yeah, I rave, preach and enthusiastically rant about niches, but there’s a reason for it, lady. Particularly when it comes to being an eCourse creator, ‘cause you aren’t getting anywhere unless you have a niche. 


Because your eCourse needs to solve a particular problem for your peeps. 

No one wants to buy a broad, vague course that *might* help them. They want something that feels like it was made just for them. 

My main flagship eCourse, Design Biz Bootcamp, is specifically created to help female graphic designer boss-ladies work smarter & not harder in their design businesses.

Now, I could have gone generic and made this course for female entrepreneurs, but that is neither my passion nor my specialty.

My specialty is in helping graphic designer boss-ladies. And I’ll be honest: It’s also where I’ve made the most impact (and profit!)

So know your niche – it is the keeper of your knowledge and passion. 
It’s where your knowledge lays, and your knowledge is what people want. 

Pause & reflect …

➡️What am I passionate about?
➡️What am I knowledgeable about?
➡️What is my niche?

✅ Know your people’s problems 

Okay, so, we both know that you’re sorta, kinda, maybe making an eCourse for the money aspect. 

(No judgment. Ladies gotta lunch.)

But here’s the deal: Your ideal client doesn’t really care whether you’re slurping lobster or two-minute noodles. 

They care about their problems. They care about the things causing them pain, discomfort, grey hairs and worry wrinkles. 

And they care how you’re gonna make it all go away. 

So … you gotta have a clear plan of attack for:

A.    Knowing your ideal client’s problems. 
B.    Solving your ideal client’s problems. 

Pause & reflect …

➡️In your business, with your knowledge, passion & talents, 
what problems do you solve for your clients? 

➡️What are the questions that your clients repeatedly ask you? 
➡️What do your clients half-arse in their business that drives you crazy?
➡️What questions do you see coming up continually in Facebook groups 
that you know the answer to?

✅ Be Passionate 

Now that you’ve got the intel you need to know that your ideal client will want what you’ve got to offer, it’s time to start writing out a plan. 

If the plan comes to you relatively easily, keep going – you are on the right track!

Buuuut if you struggle to come up with the module topics, it may be a sign that you aren’t super passionate about your eCourse. 

Take some time to think about whether you actually enjoy the subject you plan to teach on, and if not, head back to the drawing board. 

There’s gotta be passion, lady. 

I usually map out my initial ecourse plan with the following steps –

1. Brain dump a list of things I would like to teach my students
2. Pick out the 6 x biggest lessons and put them in order from module 1-6
3. List sub-topics under each of the big lessons and refine. 


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