How to beat burnout and still get a sh*t tonne done

Apr 10, 2019

“How are you?”
This was the question I asked eight different lady bosses last week.
And you wanna know how they all responded?

Yep, I get it. We’re all super fricken busy.
And sure, we could go into a debate about how busy we really are and how this is all just a giant excuse for our addiction to busyness, but that’s a whole other blog post. 
Instead, what I wanted to ask you today was how is it that each of us has the exact same number of hours in the day (as well as loads of responsibilities and to-do lists) …
Yet some people seem to get SOOO much done, 
while others burnout, blow-out and can never seem to hit their goals?

Good question.
One of the reasons I discourage my students from comparing themselves to others is that we’re incomparable. 
We’re all on completely different journeys. 
For example, someone with four kids under the age of eight would probably find it hard to do as much work on her business as somebody who is kid-free and has full days to focus on their business. 
Just like a designer who works three days at an agency and two days on their own business wouldn’t have as much time up their sleeve as someone who worked in their business five days a week, right? 
We all have different scenarios and life variables that play a huge factor in how we use our time.
And while I can’t claim to know the details of your personal situation, I can talk confidently about my own life scenario and how I get stuff done in the time I have. 
‘Cos, lady, I hear it all the time:
“How do you do it all, Anna? 
How do you get SO much done when I can’t even empty my inbox?!”

Well, I wish I could hand over a secret formula complete with a three-step process that you could follow to rule the world.  *Insert evil laugh ?*                                                          
But, to be honest, getting lots done is less ‘doing’ and more ‘setting yourself up for doing’ by mastering your mindset. 
I know, it’s kinda like your mum telling you to eat fruit when you’re hungry; it’s not the answer you wanna hear. 
… But it IS the answer that is the best solution. 

Let’s start by debunking a popular time-management myth:
You don’t need a clear schedule to get lots done. 
I can’t remember the last time I had a clear schedule. 
I have three daughters, aged ten, seven and nearly one. 
My husband is an aviation engineer for an American company and is often travelling. 
On top of this, there are loads of extra-curricular activities I have to get my kids to. Guitar lessons, dancing, gymnastics, tutoring, swimming lessons … My kids are already more skilled than I am! 
Plus, I have a big house full of toys and crap (that no matter how much I Marie Kondo is still a big house full of toys and crap), a cat and a dog that actually craps 100 times a day. 
Life, right?
So how do I, chief mentor to brilliant graphic designers, run two courses, blog weekly, run a super active Facebook group, record and publish a podcast, write a book (work in progress), and market my business?
Good question. I feel tired reading all of that.
My big girls go to school, which is awesome because they are there six hours a day. 
My bub, Sage, doesn’t go to daycare but my mum does look after her two mornings a week. And when my husband isn’t travelling he works from home also.  

Which is all to say: I have help. 
I also have a few strategies up my sleeve to help me keep it together …

✔️Outsource and delegate
My first time-saving tactic? Outsource it. You either have to spend time or money to get shit done. And when something isn’t my zone of genius or fave thing to do, I pay for help. 
I have a cleaner who cleans my house for two to three hours every week and I would marry her if I could (Sorry, Leigh). By hiring her, I instantly felt like it was something I could tick off my list to focus on other more important PAID tasks. 
I have a copywriter who makes my words sound ahh-mazing, because I am happy to spend a couple of hours a week doing drafts but not ten hours a week editing and perfecting copy, because that is not my zone of genius. 

Same goes for Facebook ads, I don’t have the time nor desire to learn it so I delegate, boom!

I also have an awesome family support network. My mum is my saviour and looks after Sage two mornings a week and comes to my house one morning a week to do our washing and folding. Yes, I feel like a spoiled brat haha, but it’s awesome and another thing I don’t have to stress about.
My husband also helps out with Sage a bit during the day when I have to get stuff done. His US office hours mean he’s available during the day and stays up to 2am then sleeps until 10am. 
❌Resistance: I don’t have money to spend on outsourcing! 
Yeah, I used to feel the same, but the value that these people bring to my lives far outweighs the money I invest. It also frees me up of time to do more PAYING WORK. Instead of spending three hours a week cleaning the house, I could do three x mentor calls and make $1500. So yeah that $80 a week is definitely worth the investment.
✔️Master your mindset
I’ve always been pretty optimistic. The glass is totally half-full and the clouds are always filled with silver linings. But – this isn’t natural optimism … It’s a result of years of personal development. 
The breakdown of my first marriage was horrific, but it made me do a lot of inner work. I read books about mindset, I saw a psychologist weekly and I implemented everything I learnt into my business and life. 
I still use the exercises/tactics my psych gave me in my life daily. For example, every night when I am in bed about to go to sleep, I think about five things I am grateful for. This forces me to see the good stuff. And whenever I feel like I am getting an influx of negative thoughts I visualise a STOP SIGN and question the validity of those bitchy little thoughts. It’s simple stuff, but it’s made a huge impact on how I think. 
It hasn’t always been easy, and it definitely wasn’t quick, but I’m now at a point where I can say, with full confidence, “I am so happy and in charge of my life.”
That being said, I am still human, and I have good and bad days just like everyone else. 
But they are usually due to hormones these days! (Once again, sorry Leigh)

So, if you don’t feel happy or optimistic about life, chances are that is definitely affecting the productivity in your business. 
After all, when all you can see is negativity, it is really hard to create anything or take any risks, right?
This is why your mindset is so important to your business.
For me, the reason I’m so prolific is because I only work on stuff that gets me excited. 
I can come up with an idea and implement it in a few hours, and that is because I don’t question everything or have a negative outcome (excuse) already planned out.
I underthink it. 
I underthink it because this stuff isn’t life and death. Sure, I spent hours on my podcast but if no one likes it and everyone thinks it’s crap, I will not die from it. Instead I will try something else – maybe a YouTube channel?
I am not afraid to fail, because I have failed before and it wasn’t so bad. 
I’m still a success. Even with my failures. 
Having this mindset makes me indestructible and gives me WINGS.
Which is why I can just dive in and get shit done.
Resistance: Oh, it’s easy for you, Anna! You have money, family & help, 
and my life sucks. 
My life sucked once too, and I could tell you about how horrible it was, but I chose to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going. It is your choice. Keep. Going. Lady.

✔️Keep it simple
Only do the work that brings you JOY, because that’s when it’ll feel easy. When you keep it simple and only work with a specific type of client or particular style, you will feel like a weight has been lifted and whatever time you do have for work will make you so excited. Plus, when you play to your strengths you work faster right? I know I could set up a pretty complicated sales funnel in a couple of hours, because I am a pro at it whereas someone who hates funnels might take two to three days to set it up. I only do the work that feels easy for me, and I nail it and get it done. 
I also use the systems and processes that work for me and I keep them hella simple. I still use a pen and paper diary! Why not? It works for me. I also type up my blog post drafts into email drafts instead of using Word, ‘cos it works for me. And if I don’t want to learn a fancy new program or platform, I don’t. 
Resistance: But doing all the stuff that doesn’t bring joy pays the bills.
My fave saying at the moment is, “Nothing changes, if nothing changes.” If you keep doing that soul-sucking work that you hate, your mindset will sink, and you will be pushing yourself to do work every step of the way. 
The transition to doing work you love can be slow, I know. But I urge you to start making steps towards your dream business because once you create it life will become so much simpler.
And making your life, and work, simpler? 
That’s how you beat burnout get a shit tonne done, lady!

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