How I get what I want in business

Sep 12, 2017

“You always get what you want, Anna.”

When I was growing up, my mum said this to me so often that by the time she uttered the words “You always” I was already mouthing the rest of the sentence to myself sarcastically.

For a long time, this really p*ssed me off. I took her words as an insult. A slur. An affront against my general awesomery. A sign that I wasn’t actually a determined, driven, goal-chasing dream-seeker but rather a spoilt brat that was at best lucky and at worst selfish.

Which meant for a long time I felt ashamed when I achieved my goals. Ashamed. How bloody dumb is that? When I should have been celebrating the culmination of months – even years, in some cases – of hard work, instead I was shoving down acidic self-loathing.

But here’s the thing … getting what I want has got nothing to do with being spoilt or selfish.

Instead, it’s about six specific things I do to GUARANTEE that I get what I want. No whining. No hoping. No luck.

Wanna know what they are? Prepare yourself, lady, ‘cos once you know these six things ain’t nothing gonna be holding you back.

The six things that guarantee I get what I want in business…

1. I visualise it.
If I want ten new clients, I visualise booking ten new clients into my calendar. If I want to work with a specific person, I visualise working with that person. If I want a five-figure product launch, I visualise five figures hanging out in my PayPal account. Why? After all, isn’t this just daydreaming? Well, not really. You see visualising what I want achieves a few things: It keeps me from worrying about worst-case scenarios; it keeps me focused on my goal; it keeps me positive
and optimistic; and it helps me stay on track. All of the yes.

2. I seek help.
No woman is an island. There are some things that I’m just not good at, that I don’t have the requisite skills and experience in or that I just flat out don’t want to do. This is okay. I’m not expected to be perfect at everything. So, when I know I’ll need certain skills or assets – that I don’t have – in order to achieve a goal, I enlist help. And I feel GOOD about doing it.

3. I work really fricken hard.
No, really. When I’m ‘on the clock’ I put my nose to the Apple Mac core and werk until all the work is worked. If I need to learn something new in order to achieve a goal, I set aside uninterrupted time to do it and then I actually do it. There isn’t much space in my life for procrastination. And even though I *only* work four days a week, those four days are filled to the bloody brim.

4. I invest in some help from the ‘universe’.
Hold onto your woo-woo wary panties, because I’m about to throw something a little controversial into the mix: I believe in manifesting. Yep. I do. Even more than that, I believe in manifesting during the full moon. Sound cray? Make sure you read this article on how I manifested a five-figure launch.

5. I believe in myself.
Even if nobody else does. Even if everyone else thinks I’m bonkers. Even if the odds are against me. Even if I’ve never done it before. Even if I’ve done it before and failed. Even if it’s hard. Because I know …

6. I never, ever give up!
I believe that you only really fail when you give up. The rest of the stuff? The challenges and pitfalls and stumbling blocks? They’re just all of the ways that you’re getting to THE way you’ll succeed. Like Edison said, “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Cos when I want something in business … I get it.

Ready to get what YOU want in business? 
Let’s start by figuring out what you want and why you want it.

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I’m talking:
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5. NAILING your visual branding.

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