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Hey Designer! Are you struggling to find the time to give your business the love it deserves while juggling demanding clients?
We completely understand – clients always take priority,
but your business also deserves some attention ❤ too!

Get ready for a thrilling 6-day adventure where we’ll show you how just
30 minutes a day can work wonders for your biz – think of it as giving your design business a spa day for that extra glow!

You’ll hang out with not one, not two, but six design mentors. They’ve got design superpowers that’ll make your head spin, and they’re eager to share them during these quick, but impactful lessons.

You might be wondering is 30 minutes a day enough
to give your business a glow?

Well, a 1% improvement daily isn’t a big deal, but trust us, it adds up!
If you get 1% better each day for a year, you’ll be 37 times better by the end
– mind-blowing, right?

The small wins add up!

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Hannah Bacon is an Adobe Ambassador and a pro at systems & processes.
GLOW UP CLASS: Five easy ways you can create original social media content without starting from scratch.

Danni Green is a website developer & a tech guru. GLOW UP CLASS: Setting up an automation in Mailerlite. 

Kat Potter is a seasoned designer, illustrator & pattern maker.
GLOW UP CLASS: Creating Custom Icon Illustrations.

Amy Pearson is a website designer/developer & brand strategist. GLOW UP CLASS: MAGNETISE & REPEL Crafting Your Dream Clients

Shay Starrenburg is a marketing genius and agency owner.
GLOW UP CLASS: Stop your marketing being boring AF.


Anna Dower is THE mentor for female designer bosses and will be hosting a LIVE masterclass about creating a business that is meaningful, joyful & impactful. There will also be a
$500 time-sensitive bonus!

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what’s included

A daily email kicking off Monday 26th February with a potent 30min video from a mentor!

Let’s hang out!
Ask questions and keep each other accountable.

A bonus live masterclass with Anna and a EPIC time sensitive bonus.

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