Jan 26, 2019

She’s an amazing designer and has the type of pure, unadulterated talent that makes even rainbow unicorns jealous. She’s got her own biz, she’s acing design briefs and winning clients all from the comfort of her own home.
But … that’s the thing. She doesn’t ever let anyone actually see her.
In her mind she believes that because she’s fat nobody will want to work with her. Hell,
nobody will even like or trust her enough to even consider working with her!

So she hides. And by hiding, she makes sure that she’ll never reach her true potential.


Sad story, hey?
Well, here’s a sad fact: That woman was me.
The keyword: Was.
I’ve written about being a fat and successful entrepreneur before, but today I want to show you how false beliefs can control your business and prevent you from reaching your true potential.
Cos the truth is that if I had continued to believe my weight was a real problem for my

business, I’d never …

  • Have become a mentor that video calls clients from across the globe.
  • Have had five sold-out enrolments of my Design Biz Bootcamp e-course.
  • Have felt as happy and fulfilled as I am right now in my life.
Yet, here I am. A lady boss that films Facebook Lives like they ain’t no thing and has zero hesitations in showing up as her awesome self. But I’d be telling you a different story if I’d let my false beliefs run the show.

Speaking of which…

What is a false belief?
A false belief is a story that fear tells your brain, over and over again, until finally your brain

throws up its neuron hands and is like, “Okay, dude, I get it. I believe.”


But your fear is a liar, lady.


So how do you recognise a false belief?
After all, it’s not like fear has a little bubble above his head that says,
“I’m fear. I talk a lot of shit”.

Nope – fear sounds just like you.

It speaks in your voice, is in your mind and knows exactly what buttons to press to make you sit up and pay attention.


Which means you’ve gotta start questioning your thoughts.

When you feel uncomfortable or anxious about a step that you know you need to take, pause and take a moment to reflect on your feelings. Ask yourself if the story your brain is telling you is true.
Ready to ditch your false beliefs?
The good news is that all it takes to kick those false beliefs to the kerb is practice. It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you are willing to change your own narrative and have a few short bouts of courage, you can ditch them negative bitches.

Which is what I’m here to help you do.

As a mentor to graphic designers, I can spot false beliefs holding people back a mile away.

These are the most prolific.



False belief #1: If my business doesn’t appeal to every man and his fam, it will fail.

Flat out, this one is legit horse shit. In fact, the truth is the polar opposite! If you create a design business that is GENERIC & VANILLA you will not be seen. You’ll just be one of the 176 billion designers commenting on that random logo job in the loud Facebook group that kinda makes you want to sign a petition to make social media illegal.
If you want to make big money and be seen as a sought-after designer, you need to have a specific ZONE OF GENIUS. And yes, it’s scary af saying you only work with specific people, or you specialise in a certain design style …. BUT it will make you a specialist and I assure you, no I promise you, that if you create a brand that clearly communicates who you are, who you work with & what your point of difference is YOU WILL succeed and YOU WILL have a huge sea of clients even though you are dissing a bunch of people who are not the right fit.
PROOF: My previous mentor client Emma Brownson is a perfect example of this. When I started working with Emma her website was generic, vanilla and boring. She was working as a freelancer at two different studios all while she tried to get her business up and running on the side. She had zero clarity or direction but then … She dug deep, got brave and now has a skilfully crafted brand that is a MAGNET for her ideal client!

Emma only works with heart-centred female entrepreneurs and only offers ONE package that’s booked out for months in advance. She even has a team of designers working for her. Pretty awesome right?!

Psst. This could be YOU. Emma will be teaching a masterclass in the next round of Design Biz Bootcamp. Head here to join the waitlist.
False belief #2: To make big money, you have to work really hard, all the time!
Oh, I have been guilty of this false belief too! Growing up, my grandparents owned a fruit shop and they worked their butts off seven days a week. To me, that was what making money looked like.
So when I started my design business, I worked super hard all the time, ‘cos that’s how you make money, right? No, love, that’s how you brew up a big cup of stress and anxiety.

(Sorry yaya & bapou)

Fast forward to now, and please excuse my giggles of gratification, but …

  • I don’t have work e-mails on my phone.
  • I work about four hours a day.
  • I flip work the finger on Fridays and take my girls on an adventure.
  • When I do work, it is so joyous that it doesn’t feel like a job. 
Repeat after me: I do not need to kill myself in order to make money.
You just need to be smart, have a specialty (see above) and charge accordingly.
Then you can work fewer hours with fewer clients but make more money (and, you know,

actually enjoy your life and business).


PROOF: I’m the proof, baby! I am currently on holiday at Moreton Island typing this newsletter…. today will be a 1 hour work day, then I’m jumping in that blue ocean!

My current view….

False belief #3: I need to compete with cheaper designers.
Nah, you really don’t. Those cheaper designers aren’t working smart; they are working 24/7 for no money and crappy clients … Do you wanna be in the same boat? I didn’t think so.

Keep your eyes on your own business and don’t even compete with those people. While you’re at it, quit chasing clients and allowing them to dictate how much you earn. You set your rates, lady.

PROOF: The prominent and expensive designers are often sought-after because they are specialists and have clearly communicated the value that they bring to their clients’

They explain their process in detail and position themselves as confident BOSSES.
A prime example of this is Neverland Studio. You don’t doubt for a second that she’s worth every penny she charges, right?  

False belief #4: I am boring and have no personality to inject into my business.
Man, I hear this all the time. You know how I told you not to be generic or vanilla? Well the antidote to generic vanilla-ness is in unleashing your personality!

And yes, you have one. It’s who you are, my friend. If you’re fat, like me, stop hiding. Own your gorgeous curves. If you’re a quiet nerd that likes video games, own it. If you’re a socialite with an infatuation with sparkles, own it.

Just. Be. You.

Then, weave who you are into your business. I love it when people say to me, “I read your entire website and I love you!” Because that means we are on the same wavelength and we are already on the road to developing an awesome working relationship.
I know you aren’t boring. I know you are funny and have quirks. I know you dance to 80s music in the car and take way too many pictures of your pets. It’s time to infuse all of those quirks into your biz so you can connect on emotional level with your audience. Start writing how you talk and share pictures of yourself! You are not boring. In fact, I (and your dream clients) really wanna know you and who you really are.

Proof: Tracey was a star student in my last round of Design Biz Bootcamp and I am so frikken proud of her truly authentic business – Misfit branding.

Tracey swears like a trooper and lives on a property with animals, so, naturally you will often see photos of her with her bird on her shoulder while her captions and copy convey creative curses. She is herself 100% and guess what? People love it. She is booked out and is looking to hire a team because of it.

False belief #5: I wouldn’t pay that price, so why would anyone else?
Okay, so you often pay professionals to help you in your life, right? I hire a copywriter and a Facebook ad specialist, ‘cos that shit is not my area of expertise.
You are an expert at design and not everyone has that skill or talent, which is why they hire YOU. And, lady, it’s also why you deserve to be paid accordingly. You are not your ideal client, don’t assume that you know what they would spend.
PROOF: Every big paid pro out there. I’m talking lawyers, doctors, dentists, marketers, seo specialists – all those people who have skills you don’t and are getting paid for it.
It’s time to get paid, babe.
Like … now.
Ready to be the boss of your business … and your destiny?

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