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Dec 1, 2017

You know that feeling when you find ten bucks hidden under the couch cushion (along with a million hair ties, popcorn kernels and random receipts … No? Just me?)?
Well, multiply that by a squillion and imagine opening up your inbox every morning to a slew of “payment received, you effing superstar!” notifications.
And best of all … you didn’t have to clock in a 40-hour week to get ‘em.
In fact, you didn’t have to do anything. It was FREE MONEY.
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Okay, okay, I’d tell you to calm down, but in this case, it’s totally worth losing your pug over.
Because … affiliate programs are the fricken BOMB.
Lemme tell you about them.
What is an affiliate program?
An affiliate program is a partnership you have with another business that allows you to promote and sell their products or services on their behalf.
Which, okay, is cool but not THAT interesting until you find out:
You get a cut from every sale!
Which means you do the work once (by creating an online ad, special web page, blog post or other content to promote and position the  product/service) and then sit back and wait for the money to roll in.
But … this is important:
You have to make sure you love and believe in whatever you are an affiliate for.
Because, ethics and values yo.
So, with that in mind, I’ve created a list of affiliate programs that I love and believe in. Have a scroll through and if any catch your eye, maybe you can consider adding them to your new year marketing plan?


  • DIVI – WordPress Theme & visual page builder
  • BLUCHIC – Premium, feminine WordPress themes.  
  • MAILCHIMP – Email Marketing automation  
  • STENCIL – Image creation for social media
  • INSTAPAGE – The most powerful landing page platform  
  • ACTIVE CAMPAIGN – Email Marketing automation
  • SHOPIFY – A full ecommerce solution
  • CONVERTKIT – Email marketing for professional bloggers
  • ZOOM – Online meeting solutions
  • MEMBERMOUSE – Powerful membership platform
  • ISTOCKPHOTO – Stock images by Getty
  • DROPBOX – Online file management
  • DEADLINE FUNNELEvergreen marketing funnel tool
  • (Other ideas for affiliates – resell website hosting &  ecourses big & small)

Go forth & make FREE moolah!
Anna xx


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