Five ways to fight the feast or famine cycle in your biz

Aug 16, 2018

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, to a time when business was BOOMING!

You can still remember the days when you were throwing cash around like it was confetti at a wedding. Business was doing well, you had a bunch of clients paying good money to work with your talented self and you finally had the funds to buy that dress/TV/armchair you’ve lusted over since forever.

And then …
Everything dried up

Business went down a well. Clients faded away.
And your fountain of funds trickled away to nothing.

The feast is over, famine is here, and now it’s time to exist on two-minute noodles and pizza coupons (Side note: Cheap Tuesdays #thebest).

And with no clients to serve, you’re left twiddling your thumbs wondering what the hell you did wrong.

‘Cos it had to be you, right?
You’re the reason why your business can’t get it (your profit) up?

Tough love time: Yep. It’s totally you.

You’re in a cycle of feast and famine because you haven’t been shown how to build a business that is consistently and sustainably profitable.

That ends now.

Right here, right now, I’m going to give you the four main reasons why you’re experiencing periods of famine… and how the heck to beat them.  

Ready? Let’s go.


Problem 1: You’re not consistently marketing your business
Sure, you do the whole marketing spiel when you remember it. Or when you’re feeling inspired. But month-round, year-long marketing? Er … Marketing is how you attract new clients. If you’re not marketing, you’re not attracting new clients. Simples.

Solution: Schedule sh*t in.
Create a content schedule for your social media and blog, and plan partnerships and collaborations in advance. Then set aside (and schedule in) at least an hour every week to actively work on your marketing. No excuses. I use Smarterqueue.

Problem 2: Your clients are cold.
Before you reach for the blanket, I’m talking about the type of cold that leaves them feeling like you’re a stranger to them. The type of cold that means they haven’t had the chance to get to know you and, as a by-product, your brilliance. And without knowing you or why they should care about what you do, they aren’t going to want to work with you. Sad face.

Solution: Warm ‘em up.
Set up a sales funnel that gently builds a relationship with your clients and moves them from ‘stranger’ to ‘bestie that can’t wait to work with you’. Have zero clue how the flip to manage that? Make sure you check out my Sales Funnel Starter Kit here.

Problem 3: You’re not working smarter …
You’re working harder. You charge next to nothing for your genius which means you have to work twice as hard to make ends meet. Farewell, weekends.

Solution: Know your worth.
I know it’s scary to charge more but increasing your rates will mean you attract a higher calibre of client AND you increase your profits. Consistently. Want more ways to work smarter not harder? Head on over here and check out my Pricing & Packaging mini course.

Problem 4: You aren’t giving your potential clients a solid ‘why’.
Why should they work with a graphic designer? Why should they work with YOU? If you’re not persuasively answering these two questions, you’re going to lose their attention and their interest.

Solution: Solve their problems.
Humans are selfish beings; they wanna know what’s in it for them. So make it crystal clear that you solve a burning problem for your clients by having a kick-ass sales page in place. Make it pretty but make it persuasive too. If writing isn’t your thing, hire a copywriter to help you. (I adore my secret weapon Cass from Wild Spirit Co.)

Problem 5: You don’t know your finances.

Solution: Review last year’s accounts and print out how much you made each month. Chances are this year will follow the same peaks & troughs. You might be super quiet in January but in May run off your feet. When you know what is coming you can plan for it and put cash away for the slow periods so that there’s no famine. This is what the fancy business people call ‘profit forecasting’.

Above all remember that consistently attracting your dream clients isn’t about being lucky … it’s about being strategic.

And with these tips in your arsenal, you’re going to be strategic af.

Go get ‘em, lady.
Anna xo

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