Five *normal* things you take for granted (that can totally be turned into an ecourse)

Dec 4, 2019

You have treasures hidden inside of you. 
Wonderful, wondrous treasures that need to be shared with the world.
(And that people are willing to pay real money for.)

No, don’t roll your eyes. Don’t click away. ?
And yes, yes, I know ‘treasures’ seems a little too airy fairy. 

But bear with me. 

I’ll be real: I vomited a little in my mouth when I wrote that intro. 

But honestly, it comes from an Elizabeth Gilbert quote (see below)
and we knowwww how frickin smart she is. So it’s gotta be legit. 

Seriously though, let’s talk about the fact that you have a wealth of knowledge, experience and talent that you don’t even recognise.

Why? Well, ‘cause it’s NORMAL to you! 

You’ve been strutting around, being your awesome, regular self, playing small with your head down and your bum up serving your clients one at a time for so long that you can’t recognise your hidden treasures. That’s why they’re hidden. 

“I’m not special,” you’ve been telling yourself. “Everyone knows this stuff.”


You think your uncle could whip up a beautiful brand from scratch the way you do? Or your neighbour could design a website with the level of intelligence, intuition and expertise you showcase every damn day?


So please stop devaluing and taking your treasures for granted!
You have the power to actually change someone’s life with your sparkly inner wisdom. 

Are you rolling your eyes again? ?
I feel you. And I used to feel the same way. 

How could I, cake-lovin’ Anna Dower, ever change someone’s life?

Well. It turns out I have changed so many lives just by being me.

By sharing my lessons, systems, processes, uncool, tough love, momma bear, 
plant-nurturin’ personality
 with thousands of graphic designers are the world. 

Hell, women send me videos and make me cry with their stories of triumph 
after working with me


And I STILL can’t fully comprehend that I have that sort of power. 

But I do. 
And you do too.

So let’s talk about the magic you have to teach to the world and how you can turn it into an ecourse that helps you serve your people on a bigger (more profitable) scale.

Five things you take for granted (that can totally be turned into an ecourse)

Well, would you look at that … You have my permission to tell your mother that your distinct, incredible, one-of-a-kind (I hope this inflates your ego) attitude WILL get you places in life! ?Yep, your attitude could be the very basis for your ecourse. 

Do you have a unique attitude in business that helps you succeed? You could teach other people how to harness that same outlook to succeed in their own businesses. 

Check out these women who have built their businesses on teaching women how to have an unfuckwithable attitude in business:

Ash Ambirge with her Middle Finger sass 
Erika the Queen of confidence with the Sisterhood. 

You do things differently, lady. It’s not just your style, it’s your strategy and process too. 
Gary V has a quote about, “Don’t create content, instead document what you do”. 

This is basically the premise behind my successful ecourse Design Biz Bootcamp. 

Over the years I realised that I worked wayyy smarter than other designers out there, so I documented how and turned it into an ecourse that helped designer boss ladies save time and energy while building a more profitable and purposeful business. 

Have a looksie at it here. 

Yep, you have a special talent! You may not see it as something people will want to learn & buy yet. But have a think … what’s something different that you know and do?

Perhaps you are the queen of art journaling? Or are awesome at procreate illustrations?  
Or maybe you are the queen of organisation! Whatever it is you need to share it with the world.

My friend Liss is a perfect example of this! Liss has 6 kids and when they were younger she would spend her time “doodling” and now she has a super successful lettering ecourse.

We all have a story, and that story creates our own individual experiences. When you share your story, people feel less alone and connected. It shines a light on our collective human experience and bonds us together. It also shows where you can serve to help change someone’s life. 

A prime example of this is our main girl Liz Gilbert, her book EAT PRAY LOVE was all about her life experiences and how she came through the other side. People have so much to learn from others life challenges.

You’re clever, lady. You know stuff. So much frickin stuff. Now it’s time to unlock and unleash that wisdom! So, what is it that you do that you are a fucking boss at? 
What are you better at than other people?

It might be creating digital magazines or even organising your files. 
For me, it’s making complex stuff simple and confusing stuff clear. 

One of my mentor clients, Jacqui Naunton, recently launched an eCourse to help entrepreneurs DIY design for their businesses! Check it out here. 

Bring it all together and you have … your hidden treasure!


All the love, 
Anna xo

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