Don’t forget to set THIS goal in your biz next year

Oct 16, 2019

You’ve got an income goal and a profit goal ✔️
A conversion goal and a client goal ✔️
But what your business really needs is THIS goal …

Like you, I’ve got an invisible Wonder Woman cape strung across my shoulders. It’s lightweight, machine-washable, impervious to mansplaining and complements my nifty super strength superpower. But instead of being able to move mountains, my superpower is oddly specific: I can carry the limitless weight of an ever-growing to-do and bucket list.

A new offering for my peeps? Add it to the list. Another destination to visit? My bucket list is growing. Another skill to master? Big yes. 

Because, like you, I am determined and powerful, yo. 

But sometimes when I spend my days doing all the things, I spend my nights worrying about all the things. Should I do more? Should I do less? 

And how the hell did I get here anyway?

Which is usually when my husband rolls over and softly suggests that I take a break, or a short cut, or at least get some bloody sleep. 

Naturally, I shut him down. 
Pfft, come on, I am woman, hear me ROAR and do it all! 

Except this passionate determination can get me in a pickle sometimes. 
Like, for instance, right now. 

Here I am, with less than three months left of the year, and we’re moving houses (have you ever moved a family of five? It’s FAIRLY fucked ?), I’m launching a new course (2020 visionary, save your spot here), working with six wonderful mentor clients and staying on top of all the mum things, like dance concerts and Christmas jazz. 

Which makes me want to dive into a mojito bath and never come out ?

But hold on – this is all self-induced, right? So why did I fill my plate up so high?

Well, the easy answer to that is that I’m ambitious, passionate and easily bored, which means I always need to have something on the go.

The hard answer is that I’m very focused on ticking things off my lists.

Which means there has been something missing for me this year.
Something big. 


I know, “space” is kinda random, right? But let me explain.

I did a lot of boss lady work scheduling, organising and setting goals for 2019. But the one thing I did not factor into my yearly plan was time to create, time for the unexpected and time for SPACE.

Yep, space. That deep inhalation. The full stop at the end of a sentence.
The pause between punches. The thing I definitely didn’t have enough of this year. 


Which is why, next year, “SPACE” is one of my official top goals. 
Here’s why it should be yours too.  


SPACE feeds creativity. Remember when you wanted to be a designer so you could be creative? Hahaha ?

I know, right? Who here spends more time in their inbox than they do creating cool shit? Yep, you’re not alone. 

But here’s the thing: Space is the number one creativity feeder. 

So if you’re feeling creatively constipated, it could be because there’s a lack of space in your artistic diet. 

When we’re in constant productivity mode, it’s really hard to be creative and unique. Trying to force creativity never works. But when you switch your brain off from the noise of client work, your best ideas will come to you. 

Embrace space, boss lady!

SPACE is your why. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that you didn’t become a graphic designer boss lady so that you could feel stressed out and overworked?

Instead, you probably dreamt about freedom, flexibility and fun, right? You envisioned three-day working weeks, holidays whenever you wanted, and afternoons spent conjuring up creative goodness. 

So. Do. It. 

Nothing says freedom and flexibility quite like the scheduled nothingness that space provides!

SPACE shows you what’s truly important. When your life is roaring along in the fast line, it can be easy to get swept up in the momentum of what you’re doing. 

But when was the last time you paused and checked that the fast lane you’re zooming along in is actually taking you to where you want to go?

You can’t find clarity in chaos. You need to slow down, pull up and create space so that you can get (re)aligned with what you really want and need. 

‘Cause this life thing? We only get one shot at it. Let’s do it right. 

All the love,
Anna xo

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