Simplify your success, reclaim your sanity, attract your dream clients and turn your struggling graphic design biz into a profitable, purposeful and passionate empire.

Does this ring a bell?

You are wasting time feeling overwhelmed by all the overcomplicated things you supposedly should be doing in your biz.

You resent your design biz
because you’re not making anywhere near enough money (despite working all the hours).

You are stuck accepting nit-picking, low-paying clients that stress you out and make you dread going to your desk every day.

“ ding ding ding, that’s me, anna! ”


You spend your evenings scrolling through
packed-to-the-digital-rafters-with-other successful-designers social media, muttering to yourself,

“How the hell do these designers make money?”


Bragging about six-figure businesses and five-figure months. But, more than that, they seem to actually know what they’re doing. They’re working with the kinds of clients you’d kill to create for. Their projects are awesome, their lifestyles are insane, and they actually look fulfilled. Not to mention there seems to be a never-ending demand for their services.


On the verge of breaking up – and giving up on – your business. You’re taking any client that’ll have you (and, spoiler alert, they’re usually the crappy ones), watching your hours get chewed up by endless admin and wondering if you’ve been hit with an invisibility curse, ‘cause you just can’t seem to get your design biz noticed. Put away the tub of Chunky Monkey, lady.

This is your time.

You, too, can reinvent your graphic design biz to start charging more, working less and having WAY more fun with clients that worship your design skills.

Imagine Going From…

Plain Jane generic
hobby freelancer and wallflower




Where you fearfully settle for less money to work more hours for unappreciative clients that make your life hell.


Where you pay the bills working (and it does feel like work) with clients that are about as lukewarm about you as you are about them.


Where you get to work with your dream clients on high-paying projects that light you up and make you love your biz.

It’s my job to take you from broke freelancer to powerhouse designer with a clever, profitable design biz behind her.

Complete with dreamy clients hollering …

crossnot “Hmm … Lemme just check Fiverr again.”


Get your brilliant designer butt into bootcamp.
Legit pro designer boss ladies find the path of least resistance.
They aren’t paralysed by the three thousand tonne weight that is overcomplicated systems, processes and marketing.

They Work Smarter
Not Harder.

And they do it by taking the right action at the right time.
No guesswork. No stress. No trial. And definitely no error.


A complete system of done-for-you processes, mindset masterclasses and success strategies that’ll make your profitable, purposeful and passion-filled design biz dream a reality.

Wondering what your design biz could look – and feel – life after bootcamp?

Before Bootcamp

“After being in business for over 10 years, I knew that my business had reached a level that if I didn’t have structure and clarity in place, not only would my business + clients suffer, but I would burn out. I wanted more from my business and myself – but I was stuck in a place and I didn’t know how to move forward.”

After Bootcamp

“Bootcamp has given me the accountability that I needed to work on my business. Through the different lessons, I was able to define who my target market is, with a clarity that I didn’t have before. I’ve also gained insight into how to run my business from a place where I’m not always stressed out. Now I feel confident that I can grow my business to the next level, without the fear of failure and burnout.”


Before Bootcamp

“I felt like I was ticking along day to day without a direction, clear vision or a proper set of goals and quite frankly a little overwhelmed by the uncertainty of starting up and running my own business!”

After Bootcamp

“I have a completely refreshed mindset with so much more clarity and vision for my direction. For me, the best part was digging deep and doing a lot of soul searching and realising it doesn’t have to be as over-complicated and scary as I had made owning a business to be. The course is so uplifting and empowering. The information and support from not only Anna but the whole Bootcamp community is invaluable.”




Each module is made up of a few small, but mighty lessons that jump straight to the meat. Zero fluff. Every lesson is super focused. I know you’re already busy, so let’s cut to the chase & get you the info & results you need, asap.

No-holes-barred look behind
the scenes of my own successful design business

There’s no smoke & mirrors here, my friend. I’m going to show you what’s really going on in my business. Warts & all. My business is going to get naked for you. Because I want you to know that this stuff works & my own business is the living proof.

50+ ‘take action’ worksheets, cheat sheets, email scripts & checklists

This course isn’t just about learning nice theories. It’s about making shiz happen. Each mini lesson has at least one actionable worksheet to make sure you’re constantly implementing everything you’re learning in the course. It’s time to get results, lady.

Lifetime Access

I know that real life can often get in the way of your best laid plans. That’s why, for your One-Time Investment, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the program. You can come back to them any time you need. PLUS you get access to updated content each round.

Weekly Group Calls With Me

Every week, we’ll jump on a call together as a group to go through the module & have your questions answered. These calls are priceless. There’s no need to sit alone in your office feeling stuck. Jump on the group call & we’ll help you through it.

Actionable weekly email prompts

It’s easy to fall off the wagon when you sign up for a course. (I know, I know. Life gets in the way.) These emails will come out every week full of action packed insights to help you stay on track & taking action towards you big, audacious business goals.

What will Design Biz Bootcamp do for your business?

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what some past students had to say about the experience.


Hey, I’m Anna! I am a graphic designer, entrepreneur and in-demand creative mentor that harnesses 20 years of industry experience to enlighten, empower and elevate the businesses of graphic designers on a mission to make their mark (and have a sh*t load of fun doing it).

In addition to being a caffeine-worshipper and avid multi-tasker, I’m also a lady that has grown my career from humble professional beginnings. So humble, in fact, that one might even deem my first job as ‘soul-sucking’.

For ten years, I worked as a Mac monkey “designing” (I uses the term loosely) real estate ads. Craving more – on my terms – I ventured into the business world and built a stationery biz from the ground up.

The equivalent of fun fling – but not my happily ever after – I sold my stationery biz after three years and thought to myself, ‘Hell, go big or go home, right?’

Since I was already home – ah, entrepreneurial life – I poured everything I had into building my design empire, Design With Style, which has since serviced thousands of female entrepreneurs across the globe and brings in a solid six figures year after year.

Of course, as an insatiable Gemini, I had energy to spare, which I invested in simultaneously founding and creating ROOOAR Magazine and the ROOOAR podcast. Designed by female entrepreneurs for female entrepreneurs, my magazine was endorsed by Sir Richard Branson himself … well, that’s what I took it to mean, since it was made available on all Virgin Australia domestic flights! The ROOOAR podcast was downloaded over 10,000 times. After an immense three years, I sold ROOOAR so I could focus on my area of expertise: mentoring designers and working with creative female entrepreneurs from across the globe.

I hustle hard but am also about balance. I believe in profit AND pleasure and I am proud to work just four days a week (on Fridays I wear pink and do whatever the flip I want).


Discover how to finally get a constant flow of clients and find your inner creative confidence that has been hiding for so long.

We will put processes in place to bring clients through the door and we will make sure you aren’t underpricing yourself anymore! Together we will demolish your mindset barriers and I will make you accountable every step of the way.

Together we will make shit happen for you and your business.

Before Bootcamp

I felt comfortable but not confident. I felt like I was sinking in a massive way and was looking for a way to save myself. Quitting is not an option so I had to find something to resurrect myself for the depth of despair.”

After Bootcamp

“Now I feel like I’m going to smash this out of the park! Sure I have some work to implement things but I’m feeling comfortable AND confident with taking my business and myself to the next level. I would say to anyone, don’t think twice about doing this course. The transformation you will bring to yourself, your business, your home life is all so worth it! Thank you so much Anna for this amazing e-course. It’s changed how I do business and I know.
I’m going places now.”



Bootcamp isn’t just an ecourse you do by yourself, it’s a community.

A 24/7 online family, filled with a possé of amazing designer boss ladies from around the world ready to lift you up and support you on your journey to boss lady bliss.

The ecourse is also regularly updated with new content so you will continue to learn from Bootcamp for years to come!

AND You will have access to the content foreverrrr so it is an investment in your future that will always be valuable.

All purchases made outside of Australia will be 10% less as you do not have to pay tax! 🎉

Past student, storm says…

“Within the time that you do the course,
you will make the money back to pay for the course”


If you sell just one low-end design package for $2,500 you will make your investment back by nearly 200% and believe me you will sell more than just one!

“During the course I doubled my prices & nailed a dream
client straight away!”

“My revenue jumped almost 50%
after getting just halfway
through the course”


epic done-for-you resources


What will Design Biz Bootcamp do for your business?

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what some past students had to say about the experience.

“Since doing Design Biz Bootcamp and implementing everything I learnt, I’m now looking to outsource design work because I’m over booked”

– Tracey O’brien

“Bootcamp is the best investment in you can make in yourself. You need just one new client and the course has paid for itself! But believe me, you will get more than one client…”

– rhodesia jackson

“Bootcamp CHANGED.MY.BUSINESS. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say it SAVED my business.”

– Amy Parker



Stop ‘shoulding’ all over your business. Foundations for your own version of success.


  • Let’s pinpoint your zone of genius and ditch all the other stuff you are doing just because you think you ‘should’.
  • Building your design empire on unshakeable foundations: getting your brand basics right.
  • The #1 mistake that I made in growing my business that meant my success took 3 years longer than it should have.
  • Permission to swear like a sailor: why you need to keep it real, use your authentic voice & call your own shots.
  • Surprisingly simple questions to clarify who your ideal client is, so that you can bring more of those people in & repel the rest.
  • The biggest thing you need to do to land more design jobs that you LOVE doing.



How to build your own brand so that it brings in shit-hot clients & looks 100% you.


  • It’s time to stop neglecting your own brand because you’re too busy bringing your clients brands to life!
  • Why you’re in the perfect position to hook your ideal client without spending a fortune on advertising & marketing – and how to do it.
  • How to create a folio that is like catnip to your ideal clients & positions you as the go-to designer in your niche.
  • Case study: How I branded Roooar Magazine so that success was inevitable, not “lucky.”
  • How to give your brand a makeover (even though designing for yourself is 1000x harder than designing for your clients).


Packaging your offerings so that your expertise is seen, recognised & compensated for.


  • No haggling. No discounting. No manic marketing. And no more anxious nights spent wondering how you will buy food.
  • Creating irresistible design packages: the secret to creating offers that your ideal clients cannot refuse & that help with healthy cash flow
  • How to price yourself as a pro: the secret to getting paid what you’re worth.
  • The reality of getting consistent design clients: establishing yourself as a trusted friend & advisor so that you can sell your services without sleaze.
  • Sales Funnel Masterclass: the 4-step guide to booking out your services on autopilot (without having to become a sleazy used car salesman).


Designing client processes that bring more time, money & happy clients into your life.


  • Begin crafting your client processes and streamlining your business (for muchos time, money and happy clients!)
  • The ridiculously easy way to reclaim 5 hours every single week by streamlining your client onboarding process.

  • Behind the scenes: see all the processes that I use in my business to work only 20 hours per week while easily paying the bills.
  • How to set clear client boundaries so that difficult clients are a thing of the past.
  • Covering your ass: legal checks you need to have in place to protect yourself in case anything goes wrong.


Cultivating your creative process for sustainable creativity on tap.


  • Wish there were a magic lamp you could rub to instantly conjure fresh, innovative and creative design ideas? It’s time to stop wishing and start cultivating your own creative process.
  • How to ask the right questions to get the perfect design brief that will set your entire design process up for success.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the 5 phases of my own creative process (so you can steal any ideas for yourself).
  • Designing to the max: How to be a design innovator & stop following the crowd.
  • The secrets to presenting your design so that you don’t have to hope & pray that your clients picks your favourite design concept & appreciate all the strategy behind your designs.


Building a mindset that will get you inevitably closer towards your business goals.


  • Beat burnout and build the business you’ve been dreaming of with confidence.
  • Repelling difficult clients: how to get rid of discount divas & problematic princesses in your business.
  • How to deal with criticism when you’ve put your soul into everything you work on.
  • 3 secrets to becoming a confident creative & cultivating a positive business mindset.
  • Money management for creatives: what you need to know to keep a healthy cash flow in your design business.

meet our mentors

our masterclass experts

Plus… some hella good BONUSES

Honestly, this course comes with too many bonuses to list. But here’s the top 6.
When you get inside, you’ll discover even more bonuses than just what’s listed below.


A welcome gift in the mail

That’s right: a real-deal package in the post. #OldSchool. Welcome to the club, lady. You’re going to love it in here. This is a little welcome gift so you know I’m excited to have you here.
(Australian residents only)


Setting up a sales funnel in ActiveCampaign

I’ll walk you step by step through everything you need to do to automate your funnel & nurture sequences using ActiveCampaign. No guess work required. (Don’t use ActiveCampaign? No worries. The concept translates to any other email marketing software.)


Essential email scripts

What to know exactly what to say when emailing your clients so that the projects goes off without a hitch? You got it. I’m going to give you these all my client email scripts that I use in my business everyday. No more wondering if you’ve covered everything. Copy these scripts & you’re good to go.


1 month FREE in
the DBL Squad

Once you are done & dusted with Bootcamp you can then jump into my ongoing membership for Designer Boss-Ladies for FREE, for a whole month! This gang is like no other, we co-work each week & get stuff done like nobodies business. 


Access to the library of
previous masterclasses

Learn from the best of the best and enjoy the library of expert masterclasses including: finding your niche, setting up your processes in dubsado, own your profit and loss plus sales funnels.


The first 5 people to sign up to Bootcamp and pay upfront like a boss get an exclusive 20 min 1:1 check-in call with Anna

During catch-up week lock in an exclusive 1:1 session with Anna to get crystal clear on your direction and ask any questions you may have. This kind of personal support is seldom often in ecourses.
First 5 people to sign up only!


Plus This Epic Bonus

Emma Kate’s Web Boss Bundle!
Valued at $250+


  • Website Goals Mini Course
  • Create Your Website Coming Soon Mini Course
  • Email Like a Pro Mini Course!
  • WordPress Plugin Glossary
  • SEO For Dummies

let’s break it down! 🙌

6 modules of content designed to boost your design business like it’s never been boosted before!


50+ take action worksheets, cheat sheets, email scripts, templates & more


Lifetime Access


A library of expert masterclasses


Private Bootcamp Community


Accountability, support & genuine care for your journey!


total value = over $8000

yours for only $1299 aud 🥳

Are you ready to triple your design prices?

Past Alumni explain how their prices have increased dramatically since doing the course



  • ✅ You’re brand new to your graphic design business & you want to make sure you set yourself up for success from the start.
  • ✅ You’ve had your graphic design business running for a while, but you’re so overwhelmed and burnt out because you didn’t set things up properly when you started.
  • ✅ You research and read and write and watch webinars…. but are so paralysed by indecision that you can’t take action on any of it.
  • ✅ You just wish you had a clear path out of the chaos.
  • ✅ You feel trapped by your clients because you have set your business up in a way that makes them dependent on you, instead of giving you the freedom that you craved when you quit your job.
  • ✅ You’re ready to systematically put the building blocks in place so that you can have your own seriously successful design business, rather than slogging it out for demanding, unappreciative clients.


  • ❌ You’re not READY to hit the ground running & Do. The. Work. It’s 100% possible for your business to consistently have $5K, $10, or even $20K months. But I’m not going to lie – you’ve got to put in the work to make it happen.
  • ❌ If you are looking for an overnight fix! Your results will increase exponentially as you go through the program, but this is not an immediate solution to any urgent cash flow troubles in your business.
  • ❌ You’re not a graphic OR web designer. I’m sure the perfect training program is out there for you. It’s just not this one.
  • ❌ You’re wanting me to give you All. The. Answers. There’s no one-size-fits-all guide to building a graphic design business. You’ll still need to sit down & think about what lights you up & how you can apply everything you’re learning to your own needs, wants, passions & lifestyle.

The 3 most common reasons why you might want to resist Design Biz Bootcamp right now

Resistance Reason #1:

“I don’t know if I have time for this. I’m already burnt out.”

Look, I’ve been there too. That feeling where you’re just struggling to keep your head above water sucks, big time. But the problem is that when all you can focus on is surviving, then you don’t have a way to see & create yourself a path out of that problem. You just get stuck there… for waaaay longer than is necessary.

What you need is a life raft. And Design Biz Bootcamp is that life raft for your struggling business.

You don’t need to keep soldiering on through shitty clients & little to no revenue. You can skip all that struggle & jump straight to having a clear vision & an action plan for your business — on that is based on your own, unique vision for your life, NOT on anyone else’s playbook. If you can dedicate just a small amount of time each week to the Bootcamp then, 6 weeks from now, you could have paved yourself a clear path out of the overwhelm so that you never have to go back there again.

Resistance Reason #2:

“I’m not ready. I need to get my sh*t together first.”

This program is purpose-built to help you get your sh*t together. Yes, you can do it alone before you take this course or instead of taking this course. But how long will that take you? Six months? A year? Personally, it took me 10 years. Don’t do that to yourself. It SUCKS. Let me put you on the fast-track to business success & hash this shit out in 6 weeks.

Think about it: in 6 weeks from now, where will you be? You could be slogging it out in your business, still trying to keep your head above water with no clear path to get you out of that mayhem. Or… you could have completely transformed your business and have a proven, methodical process to get you from where you are now to where you want to go (but in a fraction of the time it would normally take you). The choice is yours, my friend.

Resistance Reason #3:

“I’m already struggling to pay my bills.
How can I justify this expense?”

I know what it’s like to slog it out in your business & still struggle to make money.
Come on – WTF, Universe?! This isn’t what we signed up for.

You probably already have an inkling that you can’t figure this all out on your own, otherwise you wouldn’t have made it this far down the page. But it’s still scary to think about throwing money at the sinking ship that is your business.

But what’s the alternative… Keep struggling, just keeping your head above water? Get a job? Those don’t seem real options. The only real option that not only keeps your business doors open, but makes your business grow (like woah) is to get a clear action plan that will make your business dreams come true. This course isn’t an expense. It’s an investment in your future.

Choosing to invest in your business – and yourself – is a big deal. It’s gotta be worth it. I wouldn’t ever offer you something that I’m not positive is going to make a difference in your life and in your biz. It’s just not my thing. I’ve been where you are and I know how even a mild investment can feel knee-knockingly terrifying. That’s why, if you’re even remotely worried Design Biz Bootcamp won’t work for you, I want to make it clear that you’re covered by…

An unbeatable 42-Day Guarantee

Go through the ENTIRE course, do the work & I guarantee that you’ll love the clarity & direction that it brings you. If you don’t, I’ll refund you every single penny.

More than a mere Guarantee, it’s my personal promise. Take a full 42 days and work your way through all the elements of the course. If you don’t love the transformation that Design Biz Bootcamp gives your business, I’ll give you a full refund. For real. All you have to do is email me & attach all your completed work & we’ll take it from there.

What Designer Boss-Ladies are saying…

What will Design Biz Bootcamp do for your business?

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what some past students had to say about the experience.

Everything changed for Gemma
She increased her prices x 10!

“Anna has a lot of experience and very generously offers an incredible amount of information and knowledge.”

– raquel scott

“I now have a clear vision of how I want my business to feel, the client I want to attract and methods to implement a more streamlined and professional process.”

– lucie ward

“I feel EXCITED about my business and have a clear direction thanks to Anna! As Nike says…. JUST DO IT, Bootcamp will change your life.”

– chantelle king

All purchases made outside of Australia will be 10% less as you do not have to pay tax! 🎉

Got questions? Here are the answers…

When does Bootcamp start?

Bootcamp kicks off on Monday 30th October 2023 and will run for 6 consecutive weeks.

How long does the course go for?

It goes for 6 weeks and you get lifetime access.
You can come back to these lessons, over and over – as much as you need them.

How quickly will I see results?

That’s completely up to you. The great thing about this program is that if you’re serious about putting it into action, you’ll start seeing results fairly quickly. But you’ve got to do the work. It won’t happen by magic.

What if I fall behind?
The course runs for 7 weeks and you’ll receive email prompts that guide you through.
If you want to take it at your own pace that’s fine too. I give you lifetime access to all the materials because I know that life sometimes gets in the way!
I can't make this round - when will the next course be?
The next round of Bootcamp will be in February 2023 & the price is going UP! 
Is there homework?

Yes there is, but nothing too full on. You will need to spend approx 2-3 hours per week working through Bootcamp content and worksheets etc. I will not be checking your homework, so don’t stress.

How are the modules delivered?

Once you sign up for Bootcamp you will be sent instructions on how to login to the membership site. Each Monday a new module will be released and you can login to work through the content. Each module is consisted of videos, transcripts, tutorials & worksheets.

How long can I access the course?

You will have access to the course & its content foreverrrrrrr, that also means you will get any new updated content in the years to come.

Do you guarantee that I'll get results?

Your results depend hugely on what you want to achieve, in what timeframe & how much work you’re willing to put in. So, I can’t guarantee your results. Only you can do that. But I do guarantee that you’ll love everything you learn inside Design Biz Bootcamp. You can take a full 42 days and work your way through the ENTIRE course, do all the homework & join the group coaching calls and if you don’t love the transformation that Design Biz Bootcamp gives your business, I’ll give you a full refund. Just show me that you did the work.


We do not offer refunds ever.

All purchases made outside of Australia will be 10% less as you do not have to pay tax! 🎉