What if your graphic design business
could earn up to 5-figures per month?


No more working for the man. No more taking on crappy clients just so you can keep food in the fridge.
And no more hustling so hard your heart feels like it’s been worn down to a husk.

Does this sound familiar?

…. Maybe you’re a newbie graphic designer that has only been in business for a year or two.
You’re struggling to gain traction and build a business that pays the bills and leaves you feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

… Or maybe you’re just tired of working with difficult clients who don’t value your offerings. Or, well, you.

… Perhaps you’ve lowered your prices to ensure you have a constant flow of clients and now you’re eating coco pops
for breakfast, lunch and dinner. #notjudging

… Or maybe you’re just muddling your way though business, winging it, without any systems or processes in place.

In any case, what you’re currently doing isn’t working. And you know you can do better.

After all, you’re in this game because you want to make a difference.
You want to design beautiful things for beautiful people that make beautiful stuff happen in the world.

And you’re ready for the big leagues.
Beyond ready.

How do I know it’s possible? Because I’ve done it. Time and time again.
I’ve even refined and distilled the exact process and systems needed to get from
“oh god what am I doing?” to “oh god YES! I’m killing it!”.

But just because you haven’t done this (yet!) that doesn’t mean you’re a failure.
In fact, it makes you pretty damn normal.

Because let’s be real with each other: even though you went to design school and got hands-on experience,
nobody ever taught you how to run a business.

When I started my graphic design business, I had no idea what I was doing. I’d just come from a soul-sucking job where
I designed real estate ads. Yep. Goals, right? Not. And then I threw myself into the deep end and decided to build
the business and life I’d been longing for.

I knew I needed clients. A bunch of ‘em. And I knew I needed to make them happy.
But all of the bits in between? Fuzzy and vague.

I had to figure it out all by myself.
Just like you’re figuring things out by yourself.

But there IS a better way. An easier way.
And believe it or not, a more FUN way.



My Design Business Bootcamp is a six-week eCourse designed to guide boss lady graphic designers
towards building the design business they deserve.

And while I promise there’ll be no 6am sessions crawling through mud or hauling your weary body across obstacle courses, the Design Business Bootcamp is an intensive, immersive and truly inspirational experience.

By the end of six weeks your business will emerge with the equivalent of a toned booty, six-pack and guns.


6 x content modules jam-packed with information on how to grow the business you deserve.

Complete transparency and insight into my own successful design businesses (and how I pulled the $0 to $20k maneuver).

Lifetime access so you can keep coming back for more.

A private FB group to share your successes, stories, lessons and learnings. More than just a FB group, really, it’s our own special boss lady community.

Live weekly q&a’s with moi (Anna) in the FB group so you can get all of your burning questions answered.

Actionable weekly email prompts designed to inspire, motivate and guide you towards success.





Let’s pin point your zone of genius and ditch all the other stuff you are doing just because you think you ‘should’.

  • Honing in on your why & authentic business voice because without understanding both of these driving
    forces you will not succeed
  • Getting to know your ideal client at a stalkerish level so you can understand what their problems are and
    how you can solve them.
  • Discovering your design niché so you can build an ironclad reputation for being the go-to boss lady within that niché.

Bonuses – Journalling prompts & Ideal Client Workbook.


sline2. your brand

As a designer we often neglect our own brand because we are too busy bringing our clients brands to life!

  • Case Study of how I strategically built my brand so that is authentic to me & aligned with my ideal clients
  • Hooking your idea clients and communicating your authentic voice in your brand
  • Yep, its time to uncomfortable and do an honest and comprehensive audit of your current website and brand.

Bonuses: My cheat sheet of 10 things you can do today to step up your brand!


sline3. your offerings

No haggling. No discounting. No manic marketing.
And no anxious nights spent wondering where the next pay cheque will come from.

  • Pricing & packaging your services so you charge – and get paid – what you’re worth
  • How to build an online portfolio that is persuasive and captivating. –
  • Selling your offerings on your website in a non-sleazy way with Alyssa Martin

Bonuses: Sales kit template & automation tutorial.


sline4. client processes & communication

Begin crafting your client processes and streamlining your business (for muchos time, money and happy clients!)

  • The importance of client onboarding processes that are streamlined & delightful for you and your clients
  • A transparent and step by step case study of my own client processes that have helped me grow my own thriving graphic design business.
  • Creating healthy & necessary client boundaries from day one.

Bonuses: Access my creative process checklist & 5 essential email scripts


sline5. creative process

Wish there were a magic lamp you could rub to instantly conjure fresh, innovative and creative design ideas? It’s time to stop wishing and start cultivating your own creative process

  • How to get the right briefing process right so you can slay your clients expectations and nurture happy, repeat clients.
  • My own creative process, from interpretting a brief, researching, work in progress, refining concepts, creating unique supporting brand elements, colour palette creation and presenting your work in a way that sells your concepts.
  • How to overcome the struggle to come up with unique ideas that aren’t just design trends.

Bonuses: proof sheet template & swipe guide of 50 design resources to get you instantly inspired


sline6. mindset

Beat burnout and build the business you’ve been dreaming of with confidence.

  • Dealing with creative criticism and difficult clients
  • Stepping into your role as a CONFIDENT CREATIVE who must be obeyed & worshipped
  • My own story of dealing with fear

Bonuses: Creative confidence meditation

I’m here to help emile

I’m Anna. I’m a designer, mentor and Chief Boss-Lady here at Design With Style. I’m also the CEO and art director of the popular digital magazine, ROOOAR, and the driving force behind The Creative Circle. I’m a big believer in coffee, karma, love over war and listening to Radiohead on repeat.

So, why should you listen to what I’ve got to say?

Well, you don’t have to. But … I’ve been in this industry for more than 15 years, and though trends and typefaces have come and gone, there’s one truth that’s stayed constant this entire time … your business is what you make it.

This isn’t some online scam designed to get you to cough up the dough. I’m not going to hit it and quit it. You and me? We’re in this for the long haul. You see, I truly believe that with the right resources and guidance, you can make your business anything you want
it to be.

A nine-to-fiver that brings home the bacon. A work-from-anywhere oasis that offers freedom and flexibility. A mega-profitable empire that inspires and innovates. It’s up to you. Your business is what you make it.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go flying blind. That doesn’t mean you have to figure it all out by yourself. That’s what I’m here for.

A devoted guide, mentor, cheerleader and ass-kicker-into-gear-erer, I will teach you how to transform your graphic design biz into exactly what you want it to be. When I became a business owner, I would have given my right ovary to get help from someone who knew what they were doing. Someone who could show me what I needed to do to ‘make it’. I didn’t find anyone. And it took me ten years to piece together my trial-and-error lessons and get where I am today. It wasn’t smooth sailing.
It was more tornado in a tunnel.

But I made it. And now I want to help you make it
(without the ten year hard slog, or the tornado in a tunnel).




” I’m already struggling to pay my bills. How can I justify this cost?”

Choosing to invest in your business – and yourself – is a big deal. It’s gotta be worth it. Which is why I wouldn’t ever offer you something that I’m not positive is going to make a difference in your life and in your biz. It’s just not my thing. I’ve been where you are and I know how even a mild investment can feel knee-knockingly terrifying.

In saying that, I truly believe that you have to invest in yourself and your business if you want to see results.

“I’m overwhelmed as it is. Can’t I just keep doing what I’m doing? Isn’t that enough?”

Sure. You could. But I think that if you want things to stay the same, you keep doing what you’re doing. If you want things to be different … well, you gotta do something different too. Otherwise, if you’re not keen on getting fast results – and would much rather put in ten + years of trial-and-error solo work – then keep doing what you’re doing. For accelerated growth and transformational guidance, you know where to go (*waves*).

I’m not ready. I need to get my sh*t together first. Said everyone, ever. Seriously.

If we all waited until we were completely, totally 100% ready to do something, nothing would ever get done. I’m not going to tell you to take a risk, bet on yourself, invest in your biz, jump in the deep end and put you and your business first … but maybe that’s something you should be telling yourself. I don’t have enough time.

You’ve heard this one before, I’m sure of it: There’s a guy in the woods. He needs to chop down a tree, like, yesterday. So he grabs his axe and starts chopping away. Problem is, the axe is blunt. So he’s getting nowhere fast. Now, he could take half an hour to sharpen his axe. Then he’d be able to chop that sucker down in no time. But he chooses not to – because he doesn’t have TIME to waste! He can’t spend half an hour sharpening some silly axe. He’s got chopping to do. So he chops, and chops and chops and eventually ten years later, the weary tree falls down out of pure pity. In the alternate reality of this story, he could have had that same tree chopped, loaded and stored all before dinnertime.

Picking up what I’m putting down? Sharpen your axe, peeps. It’s worth it.

Here’s what having me as a mentor has done for other graphic designers, like you…

– JAQUI GLEESON • www.whitedeerdesign.com.au

I couldn’t even put a price on how much value I
got out of the experience

“Working with Anna has been a breath of fresh air for my business and I’m so grateful for the experience! Before signing on, I was not actively investing in my business beyond my own personal time and energy, so suffice to say I was definitely a little hesitant about how the cost would weigh up against the value I’d get out of it. I’m pleased to report however, that from the very first meeting with Anna, I found that we instantly clicked and she immediately gave me the kick I needed to make some huge changes to the structure of my business, so that I could better work in my sweet spot and have a more fulfilling business and life.

Now at the end of the three months, I can honestly say that for me personally, I couldn’t even put a price on how much value I got out of the experience, because it changed my mindset and approach to running my business so profoundly.

If you’re anything like me: so busy with client work that you never actually put the energy into planning and implementing bigger and better things for your own business, whilst also being SO fixated on making everything you put out into the world perfect that you end up not actually doing anything for yourself, then I think you’ll find working with Anna has been an amazing tool for learning to get out of your own way and take action on the things you’ve been dreaming about doing!” – EMMA BROWNSON • www.soulstirringbranding.com.au


Enrol now and you can choose to either pay upfront in one instalment or over 4 payments. Once you are enrolled you will receive a welcome kit straight to your inbox.

The first round of Design Biz Bootcamp will kick-off on Monday 20th February 2017. On this day you will receive an email with your username & password to login to the members site.

Each Monday for the next 6 consecutive weeks you will receive an email prompt letting you know that the next module is now available for you to view in the members area.

Throughout the bootcamp you will have the opportunity to discuss the lessons in our private facebook group. You will also be able to ask Anna any questions during her weekly live Q&A in the group.


I would tell anyone who has been thinking of
investing in Anna – JUST DO IT.

“I had been looking for a mentor for a long time but as soon as I found Anna via ROOOAR Magazine, I knew she was the perfect fit for me and she was exactly what I had been looking for in a mentor. The number one thing I loved most about our mentor sessions together was the confidence I gained and the fact that I started to believe that I am, indeed, a kick ass graphic designer & business woman. Also, Anna helped me set boundaries with my clients, which has changed everything for me.

The knowledge I gained from Anna was amazing. The little changes to my business and processes have streamlined my day-to-day work and has definitely grown my client base and income. In fact since starting work with Anna I have doubled my income and even tripled it last month by working actually working less hours! This is what working smart, not harder looks like #winning.

I wouldn’t change a thing about Anna’s style of mentoring and I would tell anyone who has been thinking of investing in Anna – JUST DO IT. You need a mentor in order to grow you business and enjoy running it – you need someone looking at it from the outside. Someone who has been there and done that. A good mentor will tell you how it is (NO BS) and will help you find your own path to business happiness and success and Anna did that for me.” – JENNA-RAE HALLETT • www.jennaraedesigns.com.au

“It has been such a rewarding experience working with Anna. As a designer in a corporate environment for the past 8 years it’s easy to often feel isolated and a bit stuck. Working with Anna has reignited my passion for design and helped me fill the gaps in my knowledge and delve into new skill sets. She has gently pushed me along encouraging me each session to explore more and get comfortable being uncomfortable.” SARAH GROENWALD

“As a freelance designer that is new to the industry, working with Anna gave me invaluable knowledge to take my business to the next level. She helped me to develop my strategies, procedures and overall direction for my business was a really enjoyable experience and something that will benefit my business for years to come. Thank you so much Anna for helping me get in the right frame of mind to get my boss lady on!”  – KATE BRITTON



I’m not sure I can afford this right now… Should I sign up?

Here’s the thing: you have to invest in yourself first in order to see results. This principle applies to everything. If you wanted to lose weight & get fit, you’d probably hire a trainer to help you reach that goal, right? Business is the same.

Deciding to hire a coach or mentor only once you’ve reached a certain level of success is like waiting to hire a trainer until after you’ve lost the weight.

Rather than continuing on the small business rollercoaster in an effort to build your business alone, it makes way more sense to work with a serious mentor who is specifically focused on to helping you grow.

Seriously – everyone who’s killing it in their chosen industry has someone who’s walked the path before them to guide the way, offer insight, and equip them for the journey ahead.

Can’t I just figure this stuff out on my own?

Maybe. But have you figured it out yet?

It’s hard to see the wood for the trees when you’re going at it alone. That’s why I have my go-to advisers for my business too. The right mentors and advisers can spot the things that you can’t see & help you get results soooooo much faster than you’d ever get on your own. Trying to figure it out on your own is doable – but it’s the long, hard road.


Is there a guarantee?

You’re your own guarantee, baby. You do the work, you get results. I’m no magician. My job is help you focus your attention on the right areas, so that you’re moving your business in the right direction.

But attention alone won’t get you anywhere. You’ve got to do the work. For that reason, I can’t guarantee what results you’ll get. That ball is fully in your court.

How quickly will I see results?

That’s completely up to you. The great thing about this program is that if you’re serious about putting it into action, you’ll start seeing results straight away. But you’ve got to do the work. It won’t happen by magic.

Do you offer Refunds?

No, sorry.


Get the low-down on my biz success.