Dear Diary, I want 2018 to be awesome.

Nov 22, 2017


Dear Diary.

I’m close to giving up.

When I started this thing – the whole run-your-own-graphic-design-biz thing – I thought that everything would change.  No more working for the man in a dead-end job I loathed. No more lack of purpose and restricted prosperity.

 No more bullsh*t.

Instead, I was meant to be the b to the oh double s.

 I was meant to be rich af and happier still.
And I was meant to be running a successful graphic design biz.

 From, you know, some incredible remote island that I possibly definitely owned.
Well, in truth, since I’ve started my own biz, everything has changed …


Like, for example:

  • I’m more worn out and exhausted than I’ve ever been.
  • I can’t remember the last time I got a full night’s sleep.
  • My version of a nine-to-five is now working like a mofo trying to fit nine day’s worth of work into five days of the week.
  • But failing, so goodbye weekends forevs.
  • And yet still struggling to attract enough (good) paying clients to cover my bills.
  • So I’m counting change just to grab a sneaky snack from McDonald’s two-dollar menu.


Which means I’m sitting here, staring at my laptop, wondering why the f*ck I started this thing in the first place. And I’m thinking that the LAST thing I want is for 2018 to be a repeat of this crapola.
But I’m stuck and I feel lost and I don’t even know what to do to crawl out of this black hole of doom.

 I wish you could help, dear Diary.
Because I feel so alone.

Yours in vodka-supported tears,
Every start-up graphic design biz that feels fed-up and p*ssed off



Sound familiar?

Lady – STOP!

This is your sensei, Anna Dower, speaking.
Put down the pen. Walk away from the diary. And wipe those tears off your face.
Your life and your biz doesn’t – and shouldn’t – have to look this way.

It’s time to take back control.

With the New Year poking its shiny face around the corner and yodelling ‘yoo hoo!’ it’s time to make that sucker your b*tch (in a totally, pro-feminist, loving way) and ensure it’s got your back in 2018.

Here’s how.  




















You can’t get to the top if you don’t know where you’re going (and what route you wanna take). So it’s time to nail down your goals and get super fricken clear on what you’re going to achieve in 2018.

See how positive that statement was?
What you’re GOING to achieve in 2018.

Because, lady, I believe in you and it’s about time you did too.
“But, goals?! When? Where? How?”

Don’t panic.
I’m telling you, I’ve gotchu.

So plant your pretty face in front of your laptop and click the button below to download your FREE (freeeeeee) Intention & Goal Setting Workbook. 

Enjoy! xx

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