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If you have a question or an offer (cake, speaking gigs etc) email my peeps at hello@annadower.com

There are also FAQs below.

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How can I work with Anna?

There are a few ways you can work with Anna, they are as follows:

The DBL Squad – a monthly membership and ongoing mentoring program. 

Design Biz Bootcamp – this ecourse opens up for enrolments 3 times a year and is designed to help graphic designers work smarter and not harder in their business. 

Path to Profit – a program to help designers create, launch & sell an ecourse to complement their existing design business. 

How come I don't receive emails from Anna even though I signed up?

First up lady, check your junk folder. Also if you have signed up using a hotmail or gmail email address I suggest you try signing up again with a business email address. 

Where can I get more free stuff?

Check out the free resources on my website, plus my blog and of course my awesome podcast the uncool designer. 

Can I still work with Anna if I am not a graphic designer and/or a dude?

Anna only works with designer boss-ladies. It’s her specialty, so she sticks to it. 

How do I know Anna knows enough to help me in my own design biz?

Check out more info about her journey on the about page here. 

Is there anyway I can work 1:1 with Anna?

Not at this time. The closest you can get to working 1:1 with Anna is in the DBL squad. 

I would love to be on The Uncool Designer podcast please

If you think you would be a great guest for the uncool designer podcast please send an email to – hello@annadower.com

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