Can this woo-woo trick make you successful? (Heck yes it can.)

Jun 29, 2018

You know I’m not into hippie stuff.

Meditation makes me hungry, burning sage makes me sneeze and crystals make me cringe.

However (cue suspenseful pause) …

What I DO believe in is the power of mindset.

If you’re not sure what mindset is, it’s basically how you choose to think about your circumstances and life.

I’ve seen it time and time again: the people that end up walking away from their business are the ones with a negative mindset.

And I get it, I really do.

Life isn’t all roses and butterflies all the time, and there will always be highs and lows in business.

But if you are choosing to think negatively about your business you’ll only see and experience more of the same.

Whereas if you have a positive (and abundant) mindset, you will never fail.

The woo-woo logic behind this is that your ‘energy’ attracts similar energy. Like for like.

And while that explanation might tickle your pickle, if you’re more like me and want something solid and rational, then stick with me.

I’ve created a quick comparison guide of how a negative/positive mindset can directly impact your career and business … and how it’s helped transform my biz into a flourishing, abundant little empire.

Positive versus negative mindset: What it looks like in real life

Positive mindset: Cultivates community  I’m pretty passionate about building a community of kindred comrades. Which is why I congregated over 1200 graphic designers from all across the world (and who support the ever-loving shit outta each other) in one Facebook group. If you haven’t joined yet, you really should. Having this community has only ever had a positive effect on my business. It’s proof in the pudding that there’s enough clients for us all and that we are in this together.

Negative mindset: Identifies Competition On the flip, if I had a negative mindset I would not want to be friends with other designers. Designers that ain’t me = competition, right? And you can’t be friends with people competing for the same clients! Which would mean instead of being surrounded by brave, bad-ass ladies who know where I’m at and what I’m dealing with ‘cos they’re in the same boat, paddling right beside me, I’d be angry and alone. I’d also assume my competitors felt the same about me! #rough #stressagesyou

Positive mindset – Openly shares ideas and knowledge You know I’m a big sharer. If I learn something new, I share it with you all. Openly and willingly. Why? Because I want all of us to succeed and that is why I will give you all my knowledge! I know sharing my ideas and knowledge is not going to result in a negative effect on my own business because no one is me. How exhausting must it be to hide all your ideas? Which is why if you choose to genuinely help and support people only good things will happen.

Negative mindset – Everything is mine, mine, mine! I once had another designer accuse me of copying her brand because mine was the same colours as hers. Colours obviously aren’t trademarked and I honestly had no idea who she was! But how sad for her that she felt that way … When the truth is that there are no new ideas and it is ok for more than one of us to do the same thing. 

Positive mindset – Must book ideal clients This is the biggest lesson to learn. By choosing to only book your ideal clients you will have an abundant and positive business and life. Your ideal client is your sweet spot – the nectar! You will be known as a specialist and will only work with people who respect and acknowledge your talent and expertise. 

Negative mindset – Must book ALL the clients This is fear and negativity talking. You will never be a specialist and you will never be extraordinary if you are willing to work with any and everyone. Instead you will work yourself into the ground and will never be able to please your clients.

Can you feel the difference between the two mindsets, lady?

One is supportive, open and empowering.
The other is fearful, anxious and suspicious.

Now I want to ask you … which one do you want to live with every day? And what would you like to be known for?

Your positive mindset, that attracts everything your gorgeous heart desires … or a negative mindset that turns friends into foes and has you working your ass off just to make bank.

The choice is yours.

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