How to be a better designer

If you’re anything like me, you’re not willing to rest on your laurels iMac: You want to constantly grow and get better as a graphic designer. Still here? High-five. You’re my kinda lady. Now, I know I’m not the best designer in the world… but after 20 years of...

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Work less & make more!

I may not be Kim Kardashian (thank god), but all signs suggest that I did break the internet last week. No, not with my ass. Not with my sass. But with some innocent insights into how I run my six-figure graphic design biz. You see, I thought it would be fun and...

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She’s an amazing designer and has the type of pure, unadulterated talent that makes even rainbow unicorns jealous. She’s got her own biz, she’s acing design briefs and winning clients all from the comfort of her own home.   But … that’s the thing. She doesn’t ever let...

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A designer’s guide to dealing with copycats

Ever had a carefree stroll through social media turn into the depressing discovery that your design work has been copied? I feel you, lady. It sucks. But … You’re not alone. There must be something in the water, because I’ve seen a lot of posts in our Designer...

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My year in review : 2018

Far out. Where did this year go? I know we all say it, but seriously, was 2018 the fastest year in history? I cannot believe I actually had a baby this year, it still blows my mind haha  So how was your year? Did you take steps forward in your business? Did your...

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Get the low-down on my biz success.