Three truth bombs about making money from ecourses

It’s the week after my latest launch of Design Biz Bootcamp (if it were a TV series, we’d be in season seven now!) and I’m officially doona-deep in celebratory Bed Week.   Ah, Bed Week. Not only is it my post-launch celebration and ritual, it’s also my pathway to...

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Shitty mindset flu

Four shitty mindset mistakes I’m making in my business right now(But that I really don’t want YOU to make.) Everyone has bad days. It’s a known caveat of this whole ‘life’ thing. But when bad days bleed into bloody horrible weeks, your chances of catching Shitty...

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How cake can help you build your design biz

Everybody knows that great branding, funnels and email marketing will help you grow and build your design biz.But the secret overachiever in my biz-building mix? Cake.MOTHER-LOVIN’ CAKE.Don’t believe me? Keep reading. I recently had the opportunity to chat to one of...

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40 things every graphic designer should know

I recently celebrated a BIG birthday: My 19th 21st .(For the mathematically challenged, that’s my 40th birthday.)And with this important day came the arrival of my Fully-Fledged, Responsible Adult papers. From now on, I’m a middle-aged mastermind with her shit...

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Why you need to increase your prices – NOW.

I remember when I first charged $1,000 for a logo design.There was a sense of giddy euphoria - followed by a disturbing dumping of dread.What had I done?! I worried. … And was it about to ruin my business?The answer, in hindsight, was a big, “Hell no.”In fact, I...

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How to beat burnout and still get a sh*t tonne done

“How are you?” This was the question I asked eight different lady bosses last week.And you wanna know how they all responded? “BUSY!”Yep, I get it. We’re all super fricken busy. And sure, we could go into a debate about how busy we really are and how this is all just...

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How to REALLY prove your worth as a graphic designer

Three designers walk into a bar.   (And no, this isn’t a joke … or is it? Keep reading to find out,) Each of them has a paper bag on their head with a price written on it in black marker.  In front of them, their dream client must choose just one designer to go ahead...

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