Five ways to get your business seen online (without taking out a second mortgage or feeling like a total sleaze)

Jan 24, 2018

Ever feel like promoting your business online is a warped combination of cheerleader ra-ra-ra ‘look at me!’ moves mixed in with some wink, wink ‘hey, baby’ wanna see what I’ve got?’ hustling?

‘Cos that’s how you get your business seen online, right? It’s a jungle out there. You gotta hustle. Hard. Splash some cash around. And lord help anyone that gets in your way.

Unless, of course, you’re a boss lady who is reading that and feeling her skin craaaaawl because ain’t nobody got time for inauthentic bs.

You want to get your business seen, heard and adored online but you want to do it in a way that:

  • Feels good – for your AND your peeps.
  • Is easy on your Mastercard.
  • Is authentic and
  • Gets awesome results.

Well, then … you’re in the right place!

After years of trial and error (too much of both, to be honest), I’ve pinpointed five precise stress-free muchos-bang-for-your-buck ways to get your business seen online.

Time’s a wastin’. Let’s do this!


Create a sales funnel for your biz.

Ditch the Google ads and the big budget marketing money. If your biz doesn’t have a sales funnel in place yet, this should be your numero uno priority.

A sales funnel is a virtual system you create to help you attract and convert your target audience. It usually consists of a read magnet (like a blog) to capture your audience’s attention, plus a lead magnet (like a free worksheet) to get them onto your mailing list and then a series of emails designed to move them from stranger to raving fan (that can’t help but add everything you’ve got to their cart).

Sound like something you need in your biz? But aren’t sure where to start? Make sure you check out my Sales Funnel Starter Kit.


Post consistent and useful social media content

Sometimes social media feels like you are talking to no-one and getting nowhere, but like most things in life, success won’t happen overnight.

If you’re consistent and you focus on adding value with useful content though, it will happen. Show off your smarts and educate your audience. Flaunt your personality. Give them a sneak peek of what they’ll get if they work with you.

Social media is a great platform for connecting with your audience and getting to know them better. It’s a goldmine for customer research and, when you invest the time and effort it needs to bloom, it can be one of your top sources of referrals.


Go live … Facebook Live that is.

 Does your tribe know the real you? Or are you hiding?

Okay, so I know the idea of using Facebook Live and Instagram Stories might scare the hell out of you.

But here’s the thing …

If your ideal client is a woman, connecting on a personal level is so important. And the great part of being a lady boss in today’s world is that you have technology – yay! – to help you connect with your clients.

 Let them SEE you, lady.


Promote your freebie with Facebook ads.

Once you have your sales funnel sorted, you can start advertising your free offer with Facebook ads.

This is a cost effective way to build your list, warm up your tribe and eventually sell to them. It’s worthwhile spending some time to really hone in your target audience so that your ad is as effective as possible too. 


Be useful online.

Okay, so there is a lot of noise in Facebook groups, I hear ya. But instead of adding to the noise and yelling PICK ME, PICK ME, why don’t you …

Be useful and help answer other people’s questions?
Share your wisdom with those that need it?
Make meaningful connections with others?
Share, but without any ulterior motives?
Focus on building relationships instead making a quick sale?

Do these five things, and I have no doubt that your digital presence will bloom and grow .

P.S. Don’t forget to download the free Sales Funnel eGuide if you need help building a sales funnel, enter your deets below!


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