My year in review : 2018

Dec 5, 2018

Far out. Where did this year go? 
I know we all say it, but seriously, was 2018 the fastest year in history?

I cannot believe I actually had a baby this year, it still blows my mind haha 

So how was your year?

Did you take steps forward in your business? 
Did your business excite you? ✨
I feel like I can wholeheartedly answer YES & YES to those questions, although if I were to be completely honest, I am exhausted.

I think it is important to pause and reflect on what you have achieved at the end of the year and this is what my 2018 looked like this…

Yep in May 2018 I had my beautiful baby girl Sage. She is my third daughter, I have Sofia 9yrs, Stella 6yrs & now Sage 7months.  I have to admit having a baby at this age scared the shit out of me.
The thought of sleepless nights, nappies, starting daycare & school all over again created all sorts of anxiety BUT… (cue corny lesson)…..
Being a mumma that is older (& wiser), with an established business, a husband that also works from home & 2 older “big girl helpers” has been JOYOUS ?
Sage was our beautiful surprise (you can read more about the surprise here) and she 100% completes our family and also sleeps through the night which makes her extra-lovable. 

I usually do 3 rounds of my BIG ecourse Design Biz Bootcamp each year but because of the whole “surprise baby” thing it was hard to squeeze in 3 so I ended up doing 2 big intakes instead.
I worked with designers from all over the world to help them work smarter and not harder in their design business and boy was it fun & inspiring.
I am still blown away by my gang of designer boss-ladies who are bursting with motivation and are eager to learn. I have worked really hard to make Bootcamp a success and it is 100% my zone of genius.

I still cry when I read and watch testimonials – happy tears!
Design Biz Bootcamp brings in 60% of my annual income with its biggest intake ever in 2018. 
I continued working one-on-one mentoring designer bosses from around the globe – South Africa, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia & USA. Working one-on-one with designers honestly doesn’t feel like work. I love being a personal cheerleader & tough-love biz bestie for my clients.
In 2018 I worked with nearly 30 designers and 1:1 mentoring makes up 30% of my annual income.


I continued my private designer boss-lady fb group with over 1500 members now. Honestly I only let about 50% of the people who ask to join in because you gotta be a designer & you gotta answer my cake question to get in #cake4lyf
Them the rules. I love how honest, helpful & inspiring everyone is in the group. I have only ever had to kick someone out of the group once in 2 years. Thats pretty amazing considering the amount of douche-canoes on the internets right?

This group makes me ZERO DOLLARS but I believe in community over competition and I will continue you lead my DBL group in the new year.


Yes I created and launched a new course baby! Brand Rehab is 6 weeks of brand AA (Authenticity & Alignment) for graphic designers who suck at designing for themselves, which is all of us, right?
To be honest, this course scared the crap out of me. I was scared no one would buy it and 
I was scared that I would suck. See I am human! 

But alas I carried on despite the fear. I launched Brand Rehab and smashed my sales goal. And not only did I make money I also help a bunch of designers to get their own brand sorted – win-win!

Yes I still do some design but I only work with long standing clients I have had for 5+ years. I do not take on new clients anymore because to be honest design isn’t my big SPARK anymore.
So why do I keep doing it? Well I love these clients and I believe in them & their businesses so I am happy to continue being a part of their team. 

Design work only makes up 10% of my income these days.


Yep I did take some pockets of time off with the fam throughout the year. A friend of mine recently said to me “you’re always on holiday!” Well, I took it as a compliment haha?
I work really frikken hard and I work even harder when I have a holiday to look forward to.
These mini breaks prevent burnout and keep my family and I happy & healthy (oh & sane).
There will be more travel next year.

There was a lot of change in 2018 and with the arrival of Sage and my husband changing jobs which meant he worked from home too – we needed more space! I love my husband, but seriously, I don’t need him sitting in my office with me 24/7 preventing me from online shopping. 

So we found a bigger home and moved. 

Can I just say, moving sucks balls. It was a nightmare! Especially when you have 3 kids & 2 home offices. But yeah we did it, and now we each have our own offices, the kids have their own rooms, there’s a pool and we have room to spread out. Our new place is glorious. 

So that’s mostly it….

Oh, my parents were also in a pretty serious car accident just before I had the baby and that was very stressful. Thankfully they were OK but they are still recovering from their injuries nearly 7 months later. Soo make sure you hug your loved ones mmkay?

But yeah, no wonder I’m exhausted eh? Thats a lot to jam into 12 months. 
I definitely do not want to glorify “busy” and my goal for 2019 is to SIMPLIFY. 
Can you keep me accountable?

So tell me, how was your 2018? Are you taking time off over Christmas?
I am aiming to take most of January off to laze by the pool!
Bring it on ?

All the love,
Anna xo 

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