A designer that does more than just design? Tell me more, she said.

Jun 13, 2018

What if I told you that you could increase your income by offering something that comes just as naturally, if not more so, to you as graphic design does?

You’d probably be pretty interested, huh?

Well, as a mentor to clever, talented and decidedly bad-ass graphic designers just like you, it’s my job to make sure you’re reaching your potential and bringing in the cash you deserve.

Which is why it’s also my job to let you know that if you’re a graphic designer that just offers graphic design … you’re leaving money on the table.

Let me explain.

You’re not a Mac monkey, yo.

Sure, you produce some awesome design work.

But that’s because, at the heart of things, you’re really a brand guru that understands what it takes to build and cultivate a successful brand.

You don’t design things just to make ‘em look good. You design because you know that branding is worth big bucks. It can make or break a business. Which is why you design things with strategy, focus and purpose.

Three things that your clients would KILL to know more about.

Three things that you clients would pay SERIOUS MONEY to learn more about.

Hmm … Now there’s a good idea.

But how do you translate your pure genius into a service people will buy?

Easy: Offer brand audits (reviewing a client’s brand and offering suggestions/feedback for improvement) and brand clarity sessions (helping a client define and refine their brand foundations, getting clear on who they are, what they offer and how to portray this in their brand.)

Five reasons you should offer brand audits and brand clarity sessions

  • You showcase how clever you are.
  • You make potential new design clients get really clear on their foundations before you start designing for them … which means less work for you in the end!
  • You guide your clients towards the right type of brand and design.
  • Your clients learn to respect your opinions and listen to your advice.
  • The conversion rate from a 1:1 session to ongoing design work is very high

So how much do you charge for these services (and wtf should you include)?

You can include:

  • Pre-session workbook
  • 1:1 x 60-min session where you will discuss everything in their workbook, including current brand, competitors and clients.
  • A brand report from you which includes a list of recommendations for their brand moving forward, including a mood board of their new brand.
  • 1:1 x 30-min session to talk them through your report & moodboard.

Price point:

Don’t be too expensive or too cheap. Ha! I can see you rolling your eyes, but as a benchmark, you can charge $300-$500 for this type of work dependant on your experience

If you feel bad about charging for this, you could entice clients by saying “if you book in a design package with me after the audit, the price will come off the design work.”

Want to see a brand audit in action?

I’ve made a video just for you, where I walk you through exactly what I offer in my own brand audits.

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