Pricing & Packaging Your Offerings for Designer Boss-Ladies


This 4 part video series builds on what I’ve learned in my 20 years as a graphic designer and business owner and includes everything you need to know – and do – in order to seriously elevate your business success.
Now this video series typically sits inside of my DESIGN BUSINESS BOOTCAMP eCourse.
But as a VIP designer boss-lady, I wanted to give you the chance right now to get your hands on it.
This humble but hefty change in my pricing and packaging resulted in my business bulging from $0 per month to $20k per month. It completely transformed my journey and helped me grow Design with Style to its current success.
Now … it’s your turn.


If you’re thinking to yourself “hell yes!” then you can grab it here right now for less than 40 bucks …or you can wing it and see what happens. Your call ?


“Anna brilliantly explained how to get my pricing and my price list sorted. She helped me to go ahead and confidently charge what I’m worth. Very well worth investing in her course, highly recommended! “
– Aniko Gaspar

“There was so much value for such a small investment. One thing that stood out the most was the ease at which Anna addressed and crushed so many of my fears. She’s been there, she totally gets it, and she does it in such a relatable way.”
– Pip Barnes

“So much value in such a short course! I now have the tools to price what I’m worth and offer packaged services to save me time on quoting for each job. Well worth the investment!”
– Chantelle King

“This excellent mini course helped me to work though my money blocks and embrace package pricing. Since releasing my updated pricing my business has taken off, the offerings I have put together have been very well received. The impact that this has had on my business and my confidence as a designer boss lady is immeasurable! Thank you Anna!” 
– Karen Martz

“I just want to say thank you so much for this mini eCourse x It was just what I have needed to hear 🙂 And you explained it all so beautifully. I have also since watching this, come to the realization, that I do have money blocks which I soooo need to work on! But at least I am now aware of them and can figure out how to unblock them” 
– Jo Wilson