40 things every graphic designer should know

Jul 3, 2019

I recently celebrated a BIG birthday: My 19th 21st .
(For the mathematically challenged, that’s my 40th birthday.)

And with this important day came the arrival of my Fully-Fledged, Responsible Adult papers. From now on, I’m a middle-aged mastermind with her shit together.

Just kidding. I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing most days.

I wear converse sneakers to fancy dinners, Google musical festivals instead of figuring out the stock market and only recently changed my first light bulb.#womanchild #winginglife

And even though on the outside I seem like I’m adulting the shit out of life with my
three small, alive dependants, menagerie of house plants, fancy kitchen appliances
and successful business empire I created out of thin air, on the inside I still feel like I
am that young chick trying to be a ‘grown up’. 

To be honest, I have always felt like other people were more grown-up than me.

They made better decisions, knew that Brexit wasn’t a type of English biscuit, and
nailed their speaking engagements and mastermind yoga retreats.

“When I turn 40, I’ll know all of that shit too,” I told myself in my thirties.

Except, well, becoming an adult isn’t a destination.

This shouldn’t have surprised me. Over the years, the number one thing I’ve learned
in business was that there is no final destination to success.

Success happens every day, in the choices you make and the work you do. 

And while I’m reflecting on my last 40 years of life, each bringing its own ups, downs
and life lessons, I’ve realised …

I’m actually an adult.

Adulting doesn’t look the same for everybody. But I’ve overcome problems, created
successes and nurtured relationships. And that makes me an adult.

(Even if I do wear socks with my Birkenstocks and steal my kids’ candy sometimes.)

And in honour of my official adulting, I’d like to share 40 business life lessons I have
learnt as a real-life adult.

40 things every graphic designer needs to know

  1. People won’t die if you don’t reply to theiremail straight away.
  2. Holidays, sick days and mental health days are a necessity not a luxury.
  3. People don’t read contracts.
  4. Not many people understand what graphic designers do.
  5. People will like you more than you think. 
  6. Social media is necessary for business even though it’s annoying. 
  7. Wearing a bra is overrated.
  8. If a client is being a pain in the arse, it is most likely because I have failed in my process.
  9. Unfollow people who make you feel like shit.
  10. No one is loving life as much as they say they are online.
  11.  Life goes in cycles – nothing lasts forever. 
  12. Community in business is essential.
  13. Everyone is doing their best.
  14. Facebook ads are hard as fuck to figure out. 
  15. People like it when you swear.
  16. Working mum guilt is a lie– we’re teaching our kids about hard work and passion.
  17. Copywriters are the smartest people.
  18. It’s ok to fail you just get up and try again.
  19. Explaining your design work is like magic dust.
  20. I have so much knowledge to share.
  21. I can make anything a reality.
  22. It’s important to have a cheerleader (supportive partner).
  23. Outsource the stuff you hate.
  24. It’s ok if your idea of success is different to everyone else’s.
  25. Space is essential for creativity and clarity.
  26. Don’t ask strangers on the internet for their opinion on your design work.
  27. Simple design takes courage.
  28. Your people are out there waiting for you.
  29. Taxes are evil yet essential.
  30. Sales funnels are not evil and are necessary.
  31. You can be friends with your clients.
  32. Sometimes you have to bend the rules.
  33. Sometimes you have to shut your mouth and just get it done.
  34. Charging more makes you more desirable.
  35. Your own brand matters so you need to make time for it.
  36. Take the easy way – it’s less stressful.
  37. Being you is relatable.
  38. Cake is a great people connector.
  39. Say yes, then figure it out. 
  40. If you never give up, you have no choice but to succeed. 

What are your top business and life lessons? 
Comment and share them 
with me!

All the love,
Anna xo

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