Let’s be honest.

These words (with the occasional adult-themed variance of ‘flip’)
have been flopping around in your mind like a marooned fish for months now.

How. The. Flip. Did. I. Get. Here.

And just to be clear, by ‘here’ I mean:

+ Constantly dealing with difficult clients.

+ Working like an absolute mofo to bank your – meager – moolah.

+ But STILL feeling like you’re just plodding along in your business with no real sense of direction.


Not to mention the whole I’m-a-designer-and-I-have-brand-shame thing …

Here’s some tough love for you: This dilemma, as sh*tty  as it may be, is at least slightly self-inflicted.

I know. You’re busy.

You’re running a business, building a business, helping your clients create their own bad ass businesses and (attempting) to have a life too. But we get so caught up in letting our clients dictate our business journey that we forget that it IS our business. Lady, it’s time to take back the reins, get back on track and get excited about your business again!

Introducing the

‘Figuring Sh*t Out’ Challenge

(don’t worry, it’s free, and fast, so don’t freak out on me).

What if you could book your design biz in for a health check-up … and then give it a little nip and tuck while you were at it too? The ‘Figuring Sh*t Out’ Challenge is a free five-day challenge specifically designed to help you get clarity in your design biz.


So if you want….

+ Greater clarity on and around your design biz.
+ Insight into what’s working (and NOT working) with your brand.
+ Resources and guidance to support you in nurturing a design niche.
+ Everything you need to NAIL your visual branding and attract your dream clients.

Then you need to do this challenge.



My design business desperately needed direction and focus. I didn’t have a clear idea of who I was as a business owner and what image I felt represented my business and myself genuinely. – Rebecca Fisher

I now have a clear direction, which has helped in a massive way. I feel like I’m making more steps forward than backwards now and I couldn’t be more grateful! – Chantelle King


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