Five life issues only designers would understand

  Being a creative is normally pretty cool. You get to create awesome stuff that you love, AND you get paid for it. But, let’s be honest, being a creative person isn’t always totally rosy. And to be completely honest, being creative can be actual torture sometimes....

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Working with a baby #woah

  I’m too old for this shit. Those are the EXACT words running through my mind at least 677 times a day. Sometimes they’re mumbled as I JUST manage to drop off my two eldest daughters to school on time … and as every mother at school pipes up with comments like, “Oh I...

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How to schedule your design jobs and master your workflow

  Ever seen other designers sprout stuff like … “I have a six-month waitlist.” “My next availability is in three weeks.” “Your project is scheduled for next week.” … And wondered what the hell kind of sorcery is this?! ‘Cos while they’re over there with their perfect...

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The design biz you want … in a day?

  Let’s be real, lady. You’re not here ‘cos you’re into a lifestyle of two-minute noodles and 14-hour workdays. You’re here ‘cos you want five-course meals at that amazing restaurant you’ve been eyeing up, chased by a two-week vacation to the destination of your...

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How to fight war against Fiverr

It’s a situation familiar to many professional graphic designers: You wake up, stretch, brew a cup of joe and plod over to your desk to turn on your computer. As you sip your coffee, you scroll through your e-mails, noticing a quotation request. YAY! Quotes =...

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How are you so confident?

Something I hear a lot is, “How are you so confident, Anna?” Well let me tell you a story.... I was nine days away from delivering my baby and everything was organised. Baby room, complete with adorable teensy tiny baby onesies (swoon), stockpile of nappies and an...

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How to manage your side hustle and a job

Dreaming of the day you can transition into working full-time working for yo’ self? No more long-ass commutes. No more annoying co-workers that steal your food outta the fridge and guffaw loudly on the phone to their friends. (Side note: Open plan offices are actual...

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