She’s an amazing designer and has the type of pure, unadulterated talent that makes even rainbow unicorns jealous. She’s got her own biz, she’s acing design briefs and winning clients all from the comfort of her own home.   But … that’s the thing. She doesn’t ever let...

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A designer’s guide to dealing with copycats

Ever had a carefree stroll through social media turn into the depressing discovery that your design work has been copied? I feel you, lady. It sucks. But … You’re not alone. There must be something in the water, because I’ve seen a lot of posts in our Designer...

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My year in review : 2018

Far out. Where did this year go? I know we all say it, but seriously, was 2018 the fastest year in history? I cannot believe I actually had a baby this year, it still blows my mind haha  So how was your year? Did you take steps forward in your business? Did your...

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Spend Less Time in your Inbox

You’re pretty sure that when you decided to do this biz thing, you signed up to be a graphic designer. Yet, somehow, you’re also the creative talent, the receptionist, the bookkeeper, the client manager, the email bitch and the errand runner as well.And the truth is...

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Thinking of quitting your biz? Read this first.

Her eyes were bloodshot. Her nails were bitten to the quick. And she had the desperate air of a woman one e-mail away from completely losing her sh*t.   She told me gravely... “I’m done. At this point, I can't do it anymore, my clients suck and I'm poor, I should just...

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Getting ready for the Christmas quiet time

There are good parts and bad parts about the arrival of Christmas. Holiday tunes, good cheer, festive food and a few weeks break are all firmly in the “good” column. But watching your bank balance dwindle, pretending to love your mother-in-law’s present and suffering...

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Stop Asking Me How To Get Clients

Okay, so that subject line may have a dollop of PMS sprinkled over it 😉, but as a creative mentor and someone that designers come to for help,there is one question that drives me BONKERS.Yep. you guessed it: How do I get clients?Look, I love my students, my clients...

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How to get your marketing butt into gear

  "I know I need to market my business, Anna. But honestly? I can’t be f*cked. Have you seen my to-do list?  And –" I’m gonna go ahead and stop you right there, lady. Marketing your business sucks. I get it. And unless your favourite hobby is coming up with cool...

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