How I get what I want in business

“You always get what you want, Anna.”When I was growing up, my mum said this to me so often that by the time she uttered the words “You always” I was already mouthing the rest of the sentence to myself sarcastically.For a long time, this really p*ssed me off. I took...

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What is an opt-in? And why do I need one?

If only there was a simple way to populate your email list with interested, engaged, enchanted and relevant peeps that actually listened to – and loved – what you had to say.It’d be like magical cleaning elves but for, you know, your business. Every night you go to...

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Fat + Successful

When I started my business nearly 9 years ago, there weren’t many things I knew for certain.I did know one thing though: Successful women were thin, well groomed, wore heels (even at home) and accessorised with red lipstick and an aura of confidence. Since I was more...

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Should I work in an agency before I start my business?

You’re not in this business to be mediocre. You’re in it to swing your hips with the best of the best and craft compelling designs that leave ‘em breathless. So, naturally, to be one of the best, you should work with the best. Which means you should work in a proper...

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How a toad helped me earn five figures

Run an eCourse, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. It definitely sounded like a good idea at the time. I’ve always been a natural teacher and I love helping those around me grow and learn. I also knew – as a lady boss and graphic designer with over twenty years...

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Your mini guide to client boundaries

“Sure, you can call me on the weekend.” I told my client, trying to sound perky. I swallowed hard as my husband mouthed “what the f*ck” at me. I turned away from him, blushing. My eyes were dry, scratchy, from spending over 50 hours staring at a computer screen that...

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Hard-earned lessons from my hiring fails

No woman is an island. At some point we all need help, right? But when you’ve been hustling hard to grow your biz by yourself (and getting results, because you’re awesome like that) it can feel daunting to trust somebody else with your business. Believe me,...

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Do I really have to blog for my design business?

“But Anna,” my clients says, a distinct whine in her voice. “I’m a graphic designer not a bloody writer. What’s the point of a blog?” I smile to myself. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this complaint. In fact, a few years ago, I was probably making the...

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The 10 commandments of getting paid

You love what you do. Creating bad-ass sh*t that rocks your clients socks off? Totes your jam. BUT even though you are definitely in this biz because you’re passionate af about it…a lady’s gotta get paid. After all, you can only pay your rent with million dollar...

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How to stay focused when you work from home

In one of my earlier jobs, I worked in an office about half an hour from where I lived. The commute was horrible and the office was even worse. Recycled stale air, artificial lighting, fake plants, the vague but undeniable smell of dirty socks … it was my version of...

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