Good idea….or time-sucker?

How to tell the difference and what to do when you’re an ideas machine Are you an ideas woman? The type of lady that keeps a notebook next to her bed just in case The Next Brilliant Idea hits her mid-slumber? We are the saaaaaame. But maybe, just maybe, my fellow...

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How I work smarter (not harder) in my design biz

There are 24 hours in a day. And yet, you could have sworn you spent 30 hours yesterday wading through the deep administrative hell that is the behind-the-scenes of your business. It’s like treadmill working. You’re running as fast as you can, but you ain’t going...

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What you should be doing when business is slow

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s … TUMBLEWEED. Rolling through your office like some smart-ass mofo wanting to accentuate the whole ‘Wild West’, ‘ain’t seen nobody around these parts in years’, thing that’s in your biz right now. Which is long form for: There’s nothing...

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FREE money is REAL

You know that feeling when you find ten bucks hidden under the couch cushion (along with a million hair ties, popcorn kernels and random receipts … No? Just me?)? Well, multiply that by a squillion and imagine opening up your inbox every morning to a slew of "payment...

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Dear Diary, I want 2018 to be awesome.

 ++++++ Dear Diary. I’m close to giving up. When I started this thing – the whole run-your-own-graphic-design-biz thing – I thought that everything would change.  No more working for the man in a dead-end job I loathed. No more lack of purpose and restricted...

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I effed up … and I’m worried you might too

So you may or may not know that I run a very active Facebook group for graphic designer boss ladies just like you. It’s pretty popular. And not like Regina George popular either ...  it’s like, really, pretty popular. As in people love it in there. I started the group...

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What to do when you feel stuck in your business

Is your business making you feel a little like Winnie the Pooh with his hand stuck in the honey jar? All you want to do is to snatch up some of that sweet sweet honey (or moolah), but no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you struggle you. Just. Get. Stuck. I...

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