Why you need to increase your prices – NOW.

I remember when I first charged $1,000 for a logo design.There was a sense of giddy euphoria - followed by a disturbing dumping of dread.What had I done?! I worried. … And was it about to ruin my business?The answer, in hindsight, was a big, “Hell no.”In fact, I...

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How to beat burnout and still get a sh*t tonne done

“How are you?” This was the question I asked eight different lady bosses last week.And you wanna know how they all responded? “BUSY!”Yep, I get it. We’re all super fricken busy. And sure, we could go into a debate about how busy we really are and how this is all just...

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How to REALLY prove your worth as a graphic designer

Three designers walk into a bar.   (And no, this isn’t a joke … or is it? Keep reading to find out,) Each of them has a paper bag on their head with a price written on it in black marker.  In front of them, their dream client must choose just one designer to go ahead...

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How to be a better designer

If you’re anything like me, you’re not willing to rest on your laurels iMac: You want to constantly grow and get better as a graphic designer. Still here? High-five. You’re my kinda lady. Now, I know I’m not the best designer in the world… but after 20 years of...

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Work less & make more!

I may not be Kim Kardashian (thank god), but all signs suggest that I did break the internet last week. No, not with my ass. Not with my sass. But with some innocent insights into how I run my six-figure graphic design biz. You see, I thought it would be fun and...

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